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Session 12: How To Fill Your Next Webinar

by | Jun 17, 2016

How To Fill Your Next Webinar

Download How To Fill Your Next Webinar Summary

In Session 12 you will learn:

  • How to fill your next webinar from Facebook
  • Simple Steps to Drive targeted traffic to your webinar opt-in page
  • Webinars/Teleseminars
    • How to drive targeted traffic to your webinar
    • How to turn your Facebook “likes” into prospective customers
    • How to get prospective customers to take action and opt-in
    • facebooktowebinar1

  • Boost Post To Increase “Like” Traffic
    • By selecting the “Boost Post Button”, you will be advertising to people who have “liked” your page ( you can also advertise to their friends)
    • You have some level of connection, authority, and trust with people who have already “liked” your page
    • These can be “Warm Leads” for your webinar
    • boostpost1

  • Drive Targeted Traffic With Ad
  • targetedad

  • Create a Facebook Event
  • Fill out your event name, details, when and where, invite friends and click create
  • Invite Friends
  • Create Your Webinar Marketing MindMap
  • Exercise: Create Your Webinar Marketing MindMap
    • First draw on a piece of blank paper
    • Pick a date and write in the center of the paper, then draw a circle around it
    • Write where your other Facebook traffic will come from around the circle
    • Wall page posts (free or paid), ads, sponsored stories, affiliate posts
    • Please send me an email at bret@attractcustomersnow.com
    • Tell me what you MOST want to learn next
    • What the 1 thing you would change about this program?
    • What did you like best about Attract Customers Now from Facebook?