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Session 10: Get Customers With Content Marketing

by | Jun 17, 2016

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In Session 10 you will learn:

  • What an Article Stack is and how to create one to become the #1 authority in your niche
  • How to build your e-mail list with free education
  • How to turn fans Into customers with content marketing
  • Fans Don’t Buy From You, Customers Do
    • Content is now the path to cash
    • Content is king and now content is cash
    • Marketing is so much more than just promoting and selling your stuff
  • Provide Free Education To Market And Sell Your Services
    • Education is being used successfully to both help people solve their problems and see your solutions
    • Education helps build credibility and trust which are essential to getting fans to take ACTION and become customers
  • Content Marketing
    • This is the new mainstream form of marketing because it WORKS
    • Creating content that attracts prospective customers
    • Providing valuable information to your prospective customers – videos, white papers, tips, tricks, etc.
  • Types Of Content Marketing
    • Books
    • Editorial Marketing
    • Infomercial
    • Advertorials
    • Blogs
    • Articles
    • Online Videos
  • Capturing Email Addresses
    • Your Facebook page and website needs to be worth your prospective customer’s time to fill out your opt-in list
    • Remember it’s a risk for your customer to give their email address – What are you giving them that is worth it?
    • Here is an example of how we offer free valuable information on some of our websites;
    • On www.CostaRicaWellness.com we offer early pricing information and build a list of 2,500 perspective buyers with this opt in page:pageexample1

On www.attractcustomersnow.com we offer a free 50 minute training on how to grow your Facebook page to 10,000 likes in 90 days.


On our yoga Facebook page we build a custom app www.YogaPosePhoto.com, to add value through photo sharing app of yoga poses:


And here is where we capture the e-mail when our users upload their photos:


Here is another example of a free training video we give away right on my Facebook page – www.facebook.com/LikeBret


    • Make an offer that is worth at least $100
    • ½ hour of your time, free consulting (my favorite)
    • Free Info Product
    • Free White PaperWhat Can You Give Away In Exchange For Email Addresses?
  • Create An Article Stack
    • Article stacks live on your blog
    • AUses social proof to gain authority your niche
    • Free – Articlebase.com
    • Paid – iwriter.com
    • Paid – myarticleexpress.com
    • Accumulate likes on your blog
      • I like to get my articles written at iwriter.comiwriterpage
      • Here is an example of great social proof where the front page of the Huffington post has 6,217 Facebook shares on their blog post:huffpost1
      • With the same Article Stack technique we have over 100,000 likes on our blog: www.costaricayoga.org/blogcostaricapageexample
      • Don’t Make This Mistake
        • If your blog or website does not have tons of traffic and you aren’t getting many likes on your post then don’t let your developer put 1 like button per post without doing the article stack concept at the top of your blog.
        • Most developers will put in a widget that generates a new like button counter per post. That’s ok only if you ALSO put 1 main like button counter at the top of your blog that can accumulate likes:mistake1
      • Here we have 1 main like blog counter on top of ALL of our blog posts:onelikecounter
      • Action Item: Create Your Article Stack
        • Turn your existing blog into an article stack or create a new blog page using this URL: http://develpers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/
        • Copy and paste your url in the “URL to like” space on Facebook developers example: I would paste www.costaricayoga.org/blog here NOT each individual blog
        • Use that code at the very top of your blog.
        • Each time you post a new blog you can still drive traffic from Facebook to the same link, but people will see your most recent blog so it will get new likes.articlestackexample1