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Session 5: Fan Page Magnet Blueprint

by | Jun 17, 2016

Fan Page Magnet Blueprint

Download the Fan Page Magnet Blueprint Summary

In Session 5 you will learn:

    • How to create your Fan Page Magnet Blueprint
    • How to use flowcharts to create your ultimate customer flow experience
    • Flowcharts
      • Most of us learn, think and remember in pictures
      • Flowcharts are great for steps and sequences

Here is the Customer Flow Chart for my website


  • Flowcharts
    • Flowcharts are great for steps and sequences (flowchart image from Attract Customers Now website) Start with a blank sheet of paper then send to fiverr.com to create rendering for $5
  • Create an e-mail auto responder sequence by drawing a flowchart
  • Optimize Sales Funnel
    • Draw out your optimum sales funnel: Example: Home Page => Sales Page => Thank You Page
  • Optimize Sales Funnel
    • Use Google Analytics To measure your customer flow and optimize
  • Exercise: Create Your Customer Flowchart
    • First, draw on a piece of blank paper
    • Left side boxes representing your Facebook content that with drive traffic to your website