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Session 8: Create Your Photo Album Stack

by | Jun 17, 2016

Download Fast Start 8: Photo Album Stack

In Session 8 you will learn:

  • How to grow your page virally and exponentially using my Photo Album StackTM technique
  • How to test photos with the stack to find your most viral photo
  • News Feed Optimization: How to get comments on your posts to make Edgerank work for you
  • Photo Album Stack
    • My #1 technique to how I grew 3 pages to over 1,500,000 likes
    • 100% organic growth
    • Guarantee your photos get shared virally
    • Leverage “Social Proof”
    • Simplest and fastest way to grow your homepage
    • Just 5 minutes per day
    • Free fan page growth
  • Photo Album Stack Results
    • My friend Mallika Chopra got 10,000 organic likes on her Facebook page (www.fb.com/intentdotcom) in under 90 days using the photo album stack technique, with no Facebook ad spending at all.
  • Photo Album Stack Results
    • My friend Max Simon, founder of Big Vision Business grew their page (www.fb.com/BigVisionBusiness) to 28,565 people talking about this with the photo album stack

  • Photo Album Stack
    • Every time you add photos to the SAME album, Facebook re-posts the album in your newsfeed and the likes, shares, and comments accumulate
    • This gets your status updates seen by the largest number of people and carries with it massive social proof which helps your content spread virally
  • Photo Stack
    • Post to SAME album each time
    • 9 or more photos
    • Call To Action:
      • One Word Comments
      • Like and Share
  • Test the Photos in the Stack
    • I consider every post a test to see which photos get the most likes. After you post your 9 or more photos into the same album check at least two hours later to see which photo got the most likes.
  • Re-share the ones that get the most likes back on your wall
  • Optimize Post
    • Call To Action: If you love Yoga, write “I Love Yoga”
    • Request 1 or 2 Word Comments
    • Power Words like “WOW”

  • Write “WOW” if you love this, Like and Share
  • Newsfeed Optimization
    • Your status updates are NOT shown to all of your fans
    • 98% of all viral actions occur in Newsfeed
    • The more likes, shares, comments, and tags, the more people with see your status updates

  • Clear Call To Action
    • The order of weighing Facebook’s algorithms gives to viral actions is as follows:
      • Likes (lowest weighing) Tags Shares Comments (highest weighing)
      • Exercise: Create Your Viral Posts
        • What Calls to Action will get your customers to comment on your posts, like and share?
        • List the top three statements that will elicit a response from your customers; Example: It feels GREAT to be Vegan: Agree or Disagree
        • Create 3 statements that your customers care about that have numbered answers. If you’re a coach: My favorite way to motivate myself is: 1) guided imagery 2) accountability from a friend 3) creating a mental anchor
        • Create Yes or No questions that tackle your customer’s greatest problems that they are looking to solve now