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Fast Start 3: Creating your “Photo Album Stack”

by | Jun 15, 2016


How to “Guarantee” Your Photos Get Shared Virally And Your Page Grows Organically

In this session you will learn:

  • My #1 viral technique to how I grew 2 pages to over 300,000 fans.
  • 100{1f66b0d6ce0a11e4cd58ff5465420e8dd2d95871f419a96084a01d4981a25874} organic growth
  • Guarantee your photos get shared virally
  • Leverage “Social Proof”
  • Simplest and fastest way to grow your Facebook Page
  • How to get your posts to the top of Edgerank
  • Just 5 minutes per day
  • Free fan page growth or paid to grow faster!
  • Photo Album Stack
      • Avoid the biggest mistake – don’t just post photos to your timeline. This is an example of just posting 1 photo on my timeline:

      • Instead Post them to the same album each time. When you do this, people can see the amount of likes.

      • Facebook has an algorithm called “EdgeRank” which decides how many people are going to see your posts. The more likes, shares, and comments you get, the higher you rank. The higher you get, the more people see your content.

    • Use 9 or more photos to create the eye-catching 3x3 newsfeed layout.
      • Get more likes, shares, and comments
      • Be sure to post them to the same album – it accumulates the shares, likes, and comments.
      • Here is what the Photo Album Stack looks like on your page: hen you post it the very first ime, you will likely only see 4 photos. Then when you upload 9 or more new photos in to your SAME album you will see 6 photos on your timeline.
      • Here is what it looks like in your fans’ news feed: Your fans will see a maximum of 9 photos. I like to add 9 photos because they are very eye-catching. When people see hundreds or thousands of likes on an album they are likely to ‘like’ it too.
  • Example: Yoga Page
      • If you don’t have any photo albums on your page, add a post, then select photos. Select multiples, and create a new album.
      • Go to Photos on your page:

      • Here is the photo tab, zoomed in:

      • Then Select the album

      • Select An existing album (if you don’t have any albums then select “Create New Album” Note: The first time you add 9 photos only 4 will show on your wall, but people will still see 9 in their newsfeed

      • Click Add photos

      • Select the photos you would like to add (remember 9 photos at least)

      • Click ‘open’
      • Once they upload, click ‘post photos’

      • The album will now be on your wall

    • You will be able to see your cumulative shares, likes, and comments.
    • Your fans will be able to see the 9x9 block of photos that you’ve posted. The information includes the likes, shares, and comments.
      • Because there are so many likes, shares, and comments, the post will be seen by more people because of a higher ranking in EdgeRank.