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Session 6: Create “Likeable” Content

by | Jun 17, 2016

Download Creating Content Your Customers Will Love

In session 6 you will learn:

  • Maximize your post likes by discovering what your customers really want
  • How to create content your customers will love
  • How to get value by giving it first
  • Content Marketing
  • Your customers will like your page for its content
  • Your content needs to add value to your customer
  • The content on your page cannot be frivolous or just funny
  • Give Value Away First
    • Have you seen Facebook pages that provide no value to their customers?
    • From your customer’s perspective, it is a risk to like your page
    • If you have valuable knowledge, content, or secrets, then give your MOST valuable ones away first
  • What Value Does Your Page Provide?
    • (Lincoln Financial Group Facebook page) 2,911 likes
    • (MetLife Facebook page) 554,863 likes
  • What Value Does Your Page Provide?


    • The number of Page Likes are the Result of Your Customer’s Perceived Value Of Your Page
  • Match your content with the emotional need your customer is trying to fill – their want or desire
  • What is it that your customer really wants?
  • Make sure your content is oriented to what THEY actually want, not what you think they want
  • Discovering What Content Your Customers Really Value
    • How do you go about finding out what kind of content is most “likeable” to your customers?
    • Do you just want fans or CUSTOMERS?
    • By interacting with your customers daily on Facebook, you can start to understand what they really want and create your content to meet those needs
  • Guessing What Your Fans Want Doesn’t Work
    • Don’t automatically assume you know what your fans want
    • It’s better to assume that you don’t know what THEY want
    • Eliminate misunderstanding by asking what your fans want by clarifying and asking in new ways
  • Your Fans Will Tell You What Content Will Grow Virally by the number of likes your posts get
    • (Yoga image 1 – 55 Likes, 2 Comments, 9 Shares)
    • (Yoga image 2 – 2,375 Likes, 265 Comments, 997 Shares)
  • Add Positive Inspirational Quotes To Your Best Photos
    • I like to use www.picmonkey.com to add the quotes to the photos that get the most likes
  • Use Picmonkey To Add Positive Inspirational Quotes

    • Add Positive Inspirational Quotes To Your Best Photos

    • Be Reassuring

    • Add Title Text To Your Photos

    • Polling Your Fans
  • How do you find out what your fans want?
  • Asking is the best way to understand fans’ needs
  • Every time you ask for opinions, feedback, and direct questions, you are polling you fans
  • Polling Your Fans

  • Exercise: Create A Poll That Reveals Your Customer’s Needs
    • What kind of a Facebook poll(s) could you create that would get your customers to reveal their wants, desires, aspirations?
    • List the top three questions you could ask your customers to get their opinion.
    • List the top three questions that will identify your customers’ greatest problems that they are looking to solve now.
    • List the top three questions you could ask that would get your customers to tell you their greatest aspirations, wants, and desires.