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Session 11: Win Customers With Online Chat

by | Jun 17, 2016

Online Chat

Download Fast Start 11: Win Custumers With Online Chat

In Session 11 you will learn:

  • How to “Humanize” your customer’s experience of your website with online chat
  • Why most companies get online chat wrong and how to avoid the #1 chat mistake
  • How to engage your customers at point-of-sale to dramatically increase your conversions
  1. “Humanize Your Website”
    1. By adding a live online chat widget with a real person (you, the entrepreneur and owner of the website and business) actually available to give helpful, insightful answers to your customers you can personalize and humanize your customer’s experience on your website.
    2. If done correctly you can dramatically increase conversions and sales.
  2. The “Don’t Call Me, Just Buy My Stuff Online Website”
    1. Most websites these days have no contact information, no way to call someone if you need help and most certainly no way to speak with the owner if you have a question.
    2. Most sites are just automated to sell you something.
    3. This automation creates a very impersonal, and many times frustrating experience. What if the checkout process is confusing, or people can’t find where to buy your latest book, or have a simple question about how your product or service can help them overcome their number 1 challenge?
  3. Engage Browsers
    1. By having a real human (again, YOU, the one who actually owns the business and cares about your customer’s needs) asking pointed questions you will create what we call a “Pattern Interrupt” in Nuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) that catches browser’s attention.
    2. This can very quickly reduce your bounce rate and helps turn browsers into fans and fans into customers.Picture1
  4. Proactive Chat
    1. Instead of having a passive link to a chat widget like I see on many other sites, our chat is proactive.
    2. Our goal is to help our fans and customers get all of your questions answered.Picture1
  5. Proactive Chat
    1. When you come on my site and I’m logged in (I’m not online 24/7 but you can always leave a message) You will get a proactive chat from me.
    2. If you see the photo of me, it’s Actually ME!
  6. Show Your Customers You Care
    1. The importance of this that as the owner of my business who is passionate about helping you, the enlightened entrepreneur, attract conscious customers now, is that you will be able to tell right away that I actually care about your business and I want you to succeed.
    2. Be Reachable by adding a way for your customers to “Book A Time With Me.”
  7. Improve e-mail conversions
    1. When chatting you should be ready to have a free gift that you can e-mail people. The easiest thing is a free consultation for 30 minutes of your time, however, anything your customers value, like a white paper, free training, e-book, etc. Will do.
    2. When chatting with browsers (people on your website who haven’t yet purchased and become customers) you can find out what their biggest challenge is or what they are looking for then offer to e-mail them your free gift or direct them where to enter in their name and e-mail on your website. This is an extremely effective way to improve your e-mail conversions.
  8. Help Your Customers Buy
    1. Ever heard the saying “People hate to be sold but we love to buy?” Well, it’s true, and some portion of browsers on your site are looking to buy. By proactively chatting with buyers you can help them find what they are looking for on your site. Match your solution with their problem, your product or service with their greatest need or desire.
  9. Avoid Big Mistake #1
    1. The first big mistakes almost everyone makes with online chat is that they make it impersonal.
    2. Most websites with online chat you see a photo that is obviously a stock image, a.k.a. not a real person labeled “Friendly Customer Service Rep.” This feels very impersonal and leads me to believe I’m chatting with a low wage oversees worker who doesn’t care about me or my business.
  10. Big Mistake #2
    1. The next pitfall you’ll want to avoid is asking the world’s worst question when proactively chatting “How may I help you?”
    2. Why is this the absolute worst question you can ask? Because as humans we know this question comes from sales people looking to sell us something and have been programmed to say “I’m just browsing” in response, or in the case of online chat, close the chat widget and you lose your opportunity.
    3. To avoid this mistake I ask a very pointed question that accomplishes two goals 1) it helps screens out browsers who will never become buyers and 2) It creates a further NLP Pattern Interrupt and increases curiosity from prospects and increases engagement from potential buyers.
  11. I like the chat widget called Zopim
    1. This is a screenshot of the chat dashboard where you can see who is on your website and proactively chat with browsers and help them become customers.
  12. Zopim Pricing
    1. Now I don’t work for zopim and I don’t even have an affiliate link for you. I just like them. There are tons of online chat options out there, this is just the one we used to generate $1.5 million in sales to people we met on Facebook and proactively chatting with people was the secret sauce behind our results.
    2. You can get the free version at www.zopim.com. We have the advance version which is $20/user/month.
  13. Set up your Avatar on your chat
    1. Once you install your chat software you NEED to Customize it! Again the big mistake that most websites and entrepreneurs make is they leave the generic pictures and messages like “Chat with customer service rep” up.
    2. You are different! You are going to customize your chat widget and start using it right away to improve your conversions, sales, and results.
    3. To set up multiple Triggers you’ll need the Advanced version of Zopim.