I wasn’t always a Health Marketing guru…

sought after speaker and best-selling author. In fact, in a previous life I had never even created a website let alone gathered over 2 million Facebook followers while generating over $3 million in online sales to Doctors, Medical, Health, Wellness, Entrepreneurs.

From 1996 – 2006 I started a successful corporate retirement plan consulting agency and grew it from scratch to over $100 million under management.

Then in January of 2006 I had an event that would change my live forever. My 34 year old Brother Eric was diagnosed with stage four non-small cell carcinoma, a deadly form of lung cancer, and was given 9 months to live.

Almost exactly 9 months later he passed away peacefully in our father’s arms.

That event changed my life forever.

In 2007, I decided to cast off my suit and tie, sell my financial advisory business for $2 million, and buy a $3 million property in Costa Rica to develop a super eco-friendly wellness community that anyone who wanted to could come to change their lifestyle habits and heal themselves from within to the best of their body’s abilities. All this so no one would have to go through what our family went through, watching a loved one suffer.

So, I turned a really terrible situation into something beautiful and dedicated my life and business to helping others. And everything was great until…

The Global Financial Crisis… I had exactly 12 months to come up with over $1 Million in cash or I was going to lose everything, that I had worked over a decade for.

Every traditional marketing technique we came up with didn’t work and I was getting really nervous that I was going to go bankrupt.

Then something interesting happened… in 2008 Facebook hit 200 million users. I wasn’t new to the virtual marketplace, but for the first time I started to see its potential to connect people looking for health and wellness services, with providers who could fulfill their needs. I decided I was going to spend 12 hours a day on Facebook trying to find customers. More specifically getting them to find me.

I quickly grew a page to 200,000 fans…

  …drove traffic to our website and got 2,400 email address opt-ins. From those opt-ins, 20 people flew down to Costa Rica and the subsequent sales totaled $1.5 million dollars and saved the business! Not only that, it allowed the wellness community I had created to continue growing and helping more people than ever. Successful virtual marketing meant we didn’t have to give our wellness community back to the bank and opened my eyes to the possibilities it had for other health and wellness practitioners.

The idea of virtual health coaching services has exploded over the last decade as healthcare in America and around the world has become more and more at the forefront of people’s minds and in that time I’ve helped hundreds of practitioners grow beyond brick and mortar services to connect them, one-on-one with clients that want and need their personal attention. Now, I teach forward looking Doctors and health practitioners how to thrive and grow their businesses online. I’d like to show you where to find high paying health coaching clients effectively the first time around so that you can attract new customers to your business now.

Why Hire A Dedicated Healthcare Marketing Agency?

Getting high paying health-coaching clients requires a combination of efforts and careful preparation and industry know-how to get clients to find you.

High end Healthcare and wellness consumers are some of the savviest in the world and there is no one place (like Facebook or Google) to find them quickly and easily. For many marketers, this is a problem, but we specialize in healthcare marketing because we believe that if you have a worthwhile product, an informed consumer is a Good Thing!

We’ve created a brand new method of communicating with consumers, educating them and then creating an environment where High End Health Coaching and health care conversions can happen.