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Viral Facebook Ads give 5-10x better results over regular ads. Attract Customers Now specializes in creating high-profit Viral Facebook Ad campaigns only for purpose-based businesses. To learn if Viral Facebook Ads are for you watch the video below.

“Results Speak Louder Than Words”

~ Bret Gregory

$92,000 in Sales in 3 months

"We hired Bret Gregory, and Attract Customers Now From Facebook to grow our online sales from Facebook. In just three months we did over $92,000 in sales to customers at a 192% Return on Facebook ad spend. I'd recommend hiring Bret Gregory now to any purpose based online coaching business looking to grow sales from Facebook ads quickly."

Christian Mickelsen
Founder, Future Force

First $100,000 Sales Month!

“Bret Gregory created a viral Facebook campaign for our high end love coaching program. In just 30 days we sold out and I had my first ever $100,000 sales month! If you want to quickly grow your list and attract new real high paying clients and customers now from Facebook then you HAVE to hire Bret Gregory's Viral Facebook ad Agency right now."

Nicole Moore
Love Coach

$72,000 in Sales in 2 Weeks!

When it came time to do our launch for our Easy Breezy Coaching Software we knew we needed a Viral Facebook ads Pro who specialized in working with Purposed Based businesses. Not only did we get $72,000 in sales from our Facebook ads but we got a 197% return on our ad spend - all in just two weeks!"

Melinda Cohan
Founder Coaches' Console

“Marisa Murgatroyd, Founder Live Your Message”

When we decided to go big with our product launch we knew we needed to hire a Facebook ads expert with significant Launch experience. We heard that Bret Gregory, founder of Attract Customers Now From Facebook had done the ads for several high profile launches and really understood how to work with the complexities of Joint Venture partners and managing all the moving ad pieces that come along with the territory.

The result? We invested $12K in Facebook ad spend and added an extra $60,000 in sales in just 2 weeks! Bret helped us get at least a 5X return on our ad spend!

What really stood out working with Bret is his understanding of how to create Facebook ads that get tons of engagement, Likes, Comments and Shares and go viral.

Whether you are just looking to run ads to build your list or help running ads for a full-fledged launch you definitely want to work with Bret and his team at Attract Customers Now From Facebook.

“Prema Lee Gurrei, Founder Sacred Wealth Code”

Working with Bret Gregory’s Facebook ad agency we were able to create a lead magnet and funnel, run Facebook ads, grow my list and do $137,000 in sales in under 2 months and completely fill my high-end program! Having this kind of a Facebook ad system allows me to do the work that I love to do in the world making a real difference and a big impact in the lives of my clients that I serve.

The Secret to Profitable Facebook ads is not more money…

.. Fancy looking ad images.
… Or the latest trend…

The secret is understanding how customer attraction works on Facebook and how to use that to get your message SHARED virally. Click the button below now to schedule your Free Consultation to see if you qualify for our Viral Facebook Ad Agency Services.