What We Provide
Full agency business development services just for Doctors who want to attract high paying health coaching clients now.

Creating a scalable, profitable virtual health practice that lets you Grow Your Business and get High End Health Coaching and Wellness clients. We’ve developed a wide array of techniques to help you build your tribe and source new clients by developing a large list of relevant leads and helping you educate and nurture them until they’re ready for your high-end health programs.

We can help you use the way it needs to be, as a source for your tribe to grow, then teach you how to nurture that tribe and build a community that will be constantly generating new high-end clients for your virtual health services.

Health Client Media Buying
Finding blogs, newsletters, and companies with lists of eager buyers is a way to buy profitable traffic with a fast return on investment.  If you want to fill webinars with new sources of hungry clients this proven process can provide rapid list growth and quick access to new markets and income streams.
Profitable Marketing Calendar
We help you strategically identify profitable events, joint venture partnerships and audiences that will contain high-paying health coaching clients. We will work with you to identify your most profitable customer avatars and pinpoint the niches where you need to appear in order to generate viable, pre-screened leads.
Maximizing Your Event Results
Once we’ve found the events filled with your high paying clients we will help you arrange profitable sponsorship packages you will be able to leverage our decades of experience to maximize the return on investment generated by everything from online webinars and summits, to in-person speaking engagements and workshops.

Our full-service marketing assistance includes everything from script writing and graphics design, to technological support for text opt-ins, online redirects, and a host of other marketing and lead-capture funnels.

High Converting Lead Magnets and List Growth
With over a decade of experience creating high converting lead magnets we can help you create the list builder and lead collection assets to get your your high paying clients to find YOU.
Infusionsoft & Memberium Integrated Membership Sites For Continuous Revenue
Educational memberships are one of the best sources of consistent revenue for health care experts. We can help you create online membership sites that showcase your expertise while incorporating gamification and positive feedback loop principles to keep your clients on your site, and in your tribe while generating ever increasing returns on investment.
Search Engine Optimization
Getting a viable lead from organic search is one of the most challenging things for many businesses to accomplish. By carefully analyzing your current online presence and maintaining an awareness of broader search trends and market demands we can identify niches where it is possible for even small businesses to succeed in attracting organic traffic that will generate viable leads and clients. SEO is a long term process, but once traffic starts flowing, every piece of revenue generated, is completely free.
Pay Per Click Online Advertising
We have over a decade of experience in working with pay per click advertising platforms including Google and Bing. We will identify the best marketplaces and highest converting target audiences for your niche and build advertising campaigns, data-capture points and conversion funnels that will generate consistent profit throughout the year. Don’t think that this is limited to search advertising either. Unlike many marketing companies, we have relationships that are specific to the healthcare marketplace that can allow us to have a presence on top health influencer websites, blogs and other go-to destinations for health consumers.
End To End Technical Support
We’re more than just a marketing agency. Our staff are able to help with everything from web-design to CRM programming and data-management. We will help you generate funnels that offer real value that will create long-term relationships with your list so that you can generate constant, sustainable business growth.

Why Hire A Dedicated Healthcare Marketing Agency?

Finding high paying health-coaching clients requires a combination of efforts and careful preparation and industry know-how to get clients to find you.

High end Healthcare and wellness consumers are some of the savviest in the world and there is no one place (like Facebook or Google) to find them quickly and easily. For many marketers, this is a problem, but we specialize in healthcare marketing because we believe that if you have a worthwhile product, an informed consumer is a Good Thing!

We’ve created a brand new method of communicating with consumers, educating them and then creating an environment where High End Health Coaching and health care conversions can happen.