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Fast Start 5: Three Step Viral Post Formula

by | Jun 17, 2016

Download Fast Start 5 – “3 Step Viral Post Formula”

In this session you will learn:

  • How to drive targeted traffic to your website
  • How to get 10X to 100X the number of likes, comments and shares on your posts
  • How to use the Three Simple Step Formula to Increase Your Viral Growth and Drive Targeted Traffic

Using these steps, I grew our Costa Rica and Yoga Pages about 900 fans a day.

  • Adding the RIGHT text can get 10x to 100x the ‘likes’
    • Use a “call to action”
      • Example – cute puppy picture – If you think this puppy is cute, click Like!
  • Integral Affect
      • If you can find a photo that has a high emotional charge, it is more likely that that photo will go more viral.
      • A photo with a highly emotionally charged story will go more viral.
      • Even a professional photo that pertains to your content can fail to do well because of a lack of emotional charge.
      • The integral affect has a very strong correlation with high emotional charge and your photo going viral.

  • Valence
      • It means how negatively or positively emotionally charged your content is.
      • The more positively charged it is, the more likely it will be to get shares and likes.


  • Most Viral Content
      • Have a photo that has the highest positive valence and high emotional charge for the integral affect, you have the highest chance of your photo going viral.

  • Quotes can add emotion and valance for 10x virality
    • With no comment on a photo, it had 27 likes, even though the photo already had a positive and high emotional charge.
    • With a comment, the photo had 1,798 likes.
    • Put in your URL at the bottom of the comment.
      • That means a lot more free traffic to your website.
  • Add positive quotes from famous people
      • Without a comment, the photo had 14 likes.
      • With a comment from Dr. Seuss, the photo had 4,485 Likes, 163 comments, and 476 shares.
      • Put in your web URL for free traffic to your website.

  • 3 Step Viral Post Formula
    • Tag your page in each post by typing in the ‘@’ symbol before the name of your page.
    • Add a positive quote from a famous person that your tribe will love.
    • Add your web URL at the bottom of each post (preferably to a sales page or a squeeze page).
  • Example –
      • Take a photo that has already proven successful
      • Improve the emotional charge by searching for a quote by someone famous.
      • Edit your photo with the quote and add in your URL.