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Session 8.5: Live Photo Album Stack

by | Jun 17, 2016

Attract Customers Now – Photo Album Stack

Download the 8.5 Photo Album Stack Summary

In Session 8.5 you will learn::

  • How to post your photo album stack
  • How to boost your photo album stack
  • To post your photo album stack, you must post photos into the same Album on your page NOT on your wall;
    • Don’t post a photo on your wall like this
  • Instead, if you have NO photo albums then click Create a photo album
  • Then select 9 photos and click Open in the lower right of the box
  • Remember, the very first time you do a photo stack you will only see 4 photos on your timeline:
  • When you add 9 more photos into the SAME album the NEXT DAY, you’ll see 6 photos on your timeline:
  • The people who see the post, will be people who have liked your page and they will see 9 photos in their newsfeed like this:
  • The reason to add 9 photos is to get the eye-catching 3X3 layout in the newsfeed that is highly “likeable” This layout really grab’s the attention of your fans and when they see the social poof that hundreds of other people have liked the album it can become irresistible to click on it and can help your page get discovered by new fans through viral growth
  • The other way to get to your photos is to click on the photos tab on your Facebook page:

  • Then upload your 9 photos and click open
  • And your photo stack will appear on your timeline on your wall