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Session 11.5: $5,000 Sales With Live Online Chat

by | Jun 17, 2016

In Session 11.5 you will learn:

  • How to dramatically increase your sales with proactive online chat
  • Engage prospects at point-of-sale right after a live webinar
  • How to “Humanize” your Customer’s online experience to increase sales
  1. Convert Your Hottest Prospects
    1. The hottest browser’s on your website you’ll ever get are people who are on your site right AFTER you finish a live webinar/hangout/teleseminar.
    2. This is your golden opportunity to turn prospects into customers using online chat at point-of-sale.
  2. Recent Results
    1. Using Zopim Proactive Chat right after a live webinar with my friend Nick Unsworth here is the results we were able to achieve:Picture1
      1. 55 Attendees Live
      2. 21 e-mail optins, list-build.
      3. 11 one on one sessions kept
      4. 9 $47/ month subscribers
      5. Total $5,076/ year in sales
  3. What Browsers and Customers See
  4. What I see
    1. This is the Zopim Dashboard
    2. In the visitors list I can see the snapshot 15 people on my sight at this moment. Zopim will read the ip address of the browser and knows what country they are from, usually down to what city they are in.
    3. You can see, including me, there are 13 people from the us online and 1 from Canada. Since Nick Unsworth is in San Diego, like me, he drove traffic to our webinar mostly from the US.
  5. Engage Your Prospects
    1. Copy and paste a proactive chat with each prospect. I use something simple and direct like “Hey, it’s Bret, were you just on the webinar with us?”
  6. Humanize Your Customers’ Online Experience
    1. People get really excited when they find out it’s actually me they are chatting with. When you do this your customers will get an immediate sense that you truly care about them, and genuinely want to help them because you are taking the time to chat with them and they didn’t have to wait from a response from you or your team.
    2. If I’m offering a complimentary strategy session this is the time to get prospects to sign up
  7. Personalize Your Customer’s Chat Session
    1. I want to get to know my customers, who they are, and what their goals are. You can do this and personalize your customer’s Chat widget by adding their name to the widget.
    2. Here is Agustina who was on the webinar and ended up signing up for the free one on one and purchased a $47/month subscription. What Browsers and Customers See
  8. Proactive Chat
    1. Here I was able to chat with a prospect and found out her name is Sherri-Lee from Canada, and she ended up not only becoming a customer but becoming a top user and someone who is in process of becoming a certified instructor.
    2. You can see that it can pay to spend the time to be helpful and get to know your customers.
  9. Show Your Customers You Care
    1. Here I’m giving free advice and ended up getting a customer out of being helpful.