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08 Pattern Interrupt Ad

by | Jun 18, 2016

Module 8: The Best Pattern Interrupt Facebook Ads

In module 8 you will elarn:

Pattern Interrupt Facebook Ads


This week we are talking about how to get 10x to 100x more clicks by creating an ad that is different than all the rest. In the viral photo ad, we found these awesome pictures, posted to photo stack and tested them. We now have images that have 10x to 100x more performance results because we used data to find the right photo.

When we posted these two photos above in ad stacks, they both got way more likes than any of the others.


So we subsequently used them in an ad. You can see here the two ducks, looking into the camera, along with the words “Like if you love customers.” This is a Pattern Interrupt from Neurolinguistic programing (NLP), and is exactly how it sounds. You are interrupting the thought pattern of the consumer. The pattern we are trying to interrupt is the “usual” images that accompany the over 2000 images a person can be exposed to while spending an hour on FB. 98{1f66b0d6ce0a11e4cd58ff5465420e8dd2d95871f419a96084a01d4981a25874} of the images you see are not created by professional marketers. They are just plugged into any old ad on FB.

The problem is they all look the same and after some time, our brains tune them out. Our goal is to interrupt that pattern so your brain will tune in to it and you will click. This ad performed extremely well. Some people try to use a “professional looking photo” that is actually a stock-type image and they will try to use every last character of text available. The opposite (and more effective) approach is to use an image like this that is viral and use as little text as possible; something that will truly stand out. We have tested and tested and discovered that this combination works quite well.

On this duck image, we spent $37 and got over 300 page likes on my business FB page.


We spent $90 on this image with the arrow and got over 700 page likes. These two ads both did very well because we sourced the creative common images, posted them on our photo stack, boosted the posts, discovered which ones performed best and then used only those high performing images for our ads.


Here is the mistake you will avoid. This is a typical FB ad. It’s a “professional looking” ad, but it’s actually done by people who don’t have any idea what they are doing. This image is posted on my website. It is great for a website, but terrible for a FB ad. Why? It looks like all the other FB ads. It doesn’t interrupt any patterns. The copy sounds perfectly logical and you would think it would work very well. Except it didn’t. We targeted an expansive audience in our neighborhood with perfect interests. We spent $51 and got 3 likes. We used every last character of text and a professional looking photo. It DID NOT work.

So here is what you need to do:

  • Test 6 versions of your FB Ads.
  • Remember every ad you test will NOT work. Assume you will get results from 1 of your ads. Be ready to throw out 9 out of 10 and just let 1 run for a while.
  • Keep testing until you find the “right” combination and then test some more.

The good news? It’s easy!


Create one ad and upload 6 different images. Boom! You will now test the images and data results that tell you where to put your money. You already know which images have the most likes, so now showcase them in your ad.


Give it a try. Go and create your FB Page Likes Ad. Click Promote your Page and create a Pattern Interrupt Ad using the steps I have outlined.