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14 Facebook Live

by | Apr 21, 2017

odule 14: Facebook Live

In module 14 you will learn:

  • How to set up Facebook live from your smart phone
  • Get massive views using the boosted post after your next Facebook Live


Use your cell phone to connect to FB Live to grow your reach audience. You must have the most recent version of FB APP.


Go to the APP store to download the most updated version of FB.


If you have the most updated FB APP, it will say “Open.” If not, it will say “Update.”

Go to your business FB page.


Click “Publish.”


FB Live will allow you to massively leverage your Word of Mouth Marketing on FB.


Write a brief description on the subject matter for your FB Live.

Click “Live Video.”


Now, you may add a link to your Squeeze page but it’s not required. You can do that at a later time.


Click “Go Live.”

You’ll see flying hearts and likes from your audience. Great feedback!


When FB Live ends, it converts to a page post.

You can see how many shares, views, comments, etc. your post received.


After you have finished FB Live, click Boost Post to significantly grow your reach.


13,000 views – not too shabby!


You can also do FB live using Zoom webinars but I strongly recommend using your cell phone.