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07 Photo Album Stack

by | Jun 18, 2016

Module 7: Find Your Viral Images With The Photo Album Stack

In session 7 you will learn:

  • How to identify your most Viral Images
  • How to create massive social proof with the Photo Album Stack

How do we test which images are most viral? Guessing does not work, so we must test! Testing is very easy with this technique called a Photo Album Stack. Most people post one image on their page but this is slightly different. You will still post, but in the SAME album every time. Post 3 or 4 photos at a time so FB will organize the images in a cool way. In any one photo posted, it always starts out with 0 likes, comments and shares. But the album is different! Anytime you post new photos to the same album, the album shows the cumulative likes, shares and comments made to the overall album! This is NOT the sum as the likes on the individual photos, however. The cool thing is it grows every time you do this, especially when you boost the post.

Create a budget for yourself and test which image work best. Post 4 images to your album and click the boost button for $10. Do this every day for 10 days. At the end of 10 days, you will know which images are viral. Come back 24 hours after each post and look at the number of likes on each image. The images with the highest number of likes are your viral images!

With this method, you test the images with your audience. Once you have completed this step, you will have the images to use in your FB ads. Since you have already tested the images, you know which ones will generate more interest.

Go ahead and get started on your first day with 4 images in a new album. Tomorrow, add another 4 images to the same album you started today, and so on.