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06 Viral Facebook Ads Images

by | Jun 18, 2016

Module 6: Viral FB Ad Images In session 6 you will learn:

  • The power of viral images
  • Where to find millions of them

We have spent thousands of dollars on FB ads over the years (and earned millions of dollars in return) and it always surprises me how some ads trigger an extraordinary response, while others fall flat.

There is a science to finding a VIRAL image; one that will be shared, commented on and ultimately converted for you. Finding the right photo can generate 10X to 100X more likes on your post. The science? Testing! Take a look below.


The above photos are both gorgeous waterfalls. The photo on the left got 16 likes and nothing else. The photo on the right got 4873 likes, 97 comments and 234 shares. Why did the photo on the right get so much more attention? I have absolutely no idea! I tested both photos. So if you are going to choose one of these for an ad, select the one on the right! Viral photos get more likes, comments and shares and do much better in ads.


One of my favorite places to get photos for FREE is on Flickr! Go to Now keep in mind, you can filter in Flickr and look for photos with any license. You cannot use copyrighted photos without permission. Creative commons photos you CAN use, with permission. You just need to credit the photographer! Filter with “creative commons” commercial use and modification allowed. Filter with those and type, for example, nature. You will get tons of photos you can use without any special permission.


My favorite site for purchasing photos is Don’t spend hours searching for just the right free photo when you can pay $40 or so and get access to tons of incredible images. I pay $230 for a one-month subscription of 780 photos. Since we regularly post photos on FB, I get a monthly subscription. You don’t have to pay that much of course, but your time is valuable and if you are spending hours on this then you should consider just purchasing photos to narrow your search.


FB also partners with Shutterstock. When you go to post your ads, type what you want and you will find some really nice images. We have no way of knowing if the images have gone viral or not, but photos are quite nice and you may find some to try.


Last thing, CLICK HERE or on the image above to download my package with my all-time most viral photos. It’s free to download and comes in PowerPoint so you can just pull the images for use. You can also type on them, put in your web url, quotes, etc. You can also open it in

Go ahead, find some images and download!