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Chapter 5 – Get Customers To Like Your Page

by | Aug 29, 2016

The fastest way to grow your page is to start an ad campaign for Facebook page Likes. And to create this type of ad campaign, it helps if you’ve got social proof. Let’s talk about how to get it.

Cost-Effective Social Proof

When I started my Bret Gregory page at www.fb.com/LikeBret, I went from 0 Likes to 200,000 in under four months. Using the Global Ad SecretTM, I got real Likes for just $.03 per Like! That’s some serious, cost-effective social proof. Now, those aren’t all customers, just low-cost social proof.

Now I want to be very clear about something. Likes do not equal customers. They do, however, give you social proof, which can really help you convert browsers into fans and fans into customers.

$.03 (Or Less) Facebook Page Likes

My conscious business coaching consistently generates approximately $50,000 per month in revenue, but that’s not from the page Likes, that’s from word-of-mouth marketing on Facebook. So, I’ve given you full disclosure and fair warning that the Global Ad Technique you’re about to learn can get you lots of inexpensive, real likes, but those Likes will not, by themselves, become customers.

The Global Ad SecretTM

I was surprised when I discovered that over half of my customers are international. My top 5 countries where my customers come from are in this order; 1) United States, 2) Canada, 3) United Kingdom, 4) Australia, 5) New Zealand. So, when I was advertising for Likes for my fan page, I advertised in my top 20 countries. And I inadvertently ended up getting $.03 cent Likes by advertising to fans all over the world! The United States is the most expensive country in which to advertise in. By adding less-expensive countries – where customers come from – in the mix when you target an ad, you can get very inexpensive Likes.

Here is how to set up your Global Ad Like Campaign when advertising on Facebook:

In the upper right-hand corner of your account, select Create Facebook Ad from the drop-down menu.

Select Likes for the type of ad you want to run.

The photos you upload are very important to getting inexpensive Likes. I recommend using viral photos, those that have gotten hundreds or thousands of Likes already on Facebook. If you want my top 15 all time most viral photos in a fully editable format that help me build over 2.4 million Likes across 4 pages for free, please visit www.ProfitFBads.com.

Upload six of the viral photos you just downloaded. This allows Facebook to determine automatically which photo works the best. You won’t have to do anything; Facebook will show all the photos to site visitors. One of the photos will quickly become the winner, and they will stop showing the rest.

Create a “Pattern Interrupt” headline and text. In neuro-linguistic programming, the term “pattern interrupt” is used to describe how something unexpected catches people’s attention.

I find that creating a headline in the form of a question and using as little text as possible in your ad lowers the cost per click and cost per Like.

This works because many Facebook ads do the opposite. They create a predictable or boring headline and use as much text as possible. By doing the opposite, you may interrupt this ‘pattern’ and get your ad noticed above the noise.

Next, choose up to 20 countries. Start by advertising in countries where you have customers. If you don’t have customers in 20 countries, I recommend Googling “List of Countries by Per Capita GDP.” Using GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, means you’ll capture the countries with the richest (on average) people in the world. The top page that will come up is Wikipedia, and you’ll find a great list of countries to target.

Here are the top 20 countries ranked by GDP:

Here are the countries I choose to get inexpensive Likes on my page. I choose these countries because they are the top 20 countries that my customers are from.

Select your interests to target a large number of real people who can like your page.
Shoot for a potential reach of least 40 million. Because I am a marketing coach for enlightened entrepreneurs, I choose general interests that my customers would probably like, such as Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, entrepreneurship, marketing, and yoga.

Then, I leave all other selections at the default choice.

For pricing, I always find that letting Facebook select the price gives me the lowest cost per Like:

Here are some recent ad results that I’ve gotten on my pages:
Spent: $811.93 for 54,878 real Likes; cost per like approximately $.01

Now, I just showed you how to get lots of inexpensive Likes; however, I recommend that you target buyers of your product or service all over the world (assuming you have a business for which this makes sense) to Like your page. This may cost a bit more. My current Likes campaigns are targeting real prospective customers who are genuinely interested in my products and business coaching, and we are paying approximately $.15 per Like.

Spent: $80.90 for 555 real Likes; cost per like approximately $.15