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Chapter 13 – Article Stack Drive Traffic To Your Blog

by | Aug 29, 2016

Question: I already have an existing page. Can I change the name, or do I have to start over?

Maybe you already have a page with several hundred or thousands of followers, and after reading this book, you want to change the name. Many people only have their own personal Facebook profile, or they created a Facebook page for one business that has grown to a couple of thousand Likes, and now, they have another business or another product that they want to market. So now, they want to take all those Likes and turn them into a new page. Unfortunately, Facebook won’t allow you to change the name of your page once that page has more than 200 Likes That’s just Facebook’s rule.

However, in some instances, if you have more than 200 Likes they will allow one time only to request a change and change the name of your page to your legal name or remove some descriptors in the name of your page. Just go to the about section on your page, click Page Info, then Name, then click the request change link.

Question: My company is business-to-business; why would I use Facebook to market?

I get this question all the time. Many, many people think they’re in businesses that Facebook won’t work for. I’m particularly interested in helping enlightened entrepreneurs, and what I find is that no matter what your niche is, if you’re trying to build a tribe and a following, and you’re trying to do something good in the world through your product, service, or business, you can Attract Customers Now and make that happen using Facebook.

Question: How do I build my tribe using social media?

It’s really important to build your own following, to find the potential people who you can serve best and who will, in turn, become raving fans of your product, service, or business. The best way to do that is to build your own tribe. Keep in mind this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s best to have slow and steady growth of real Likes than tens of thousands of Likes from people who will never buy from you. And when you’re building a tribe, you are not trying to build a following of everybody.

In fact, you’re trying to exclude almost everybody, so that only people who are your perfect customers, and only people who resonate with your message, will become a part of your tribe. Ironically, the way to go big in business is to focus on a small niche. It’s better to find a specific problem and build a great solution for a small number of people, than to try to be everything to everyone and end up with no customers at all.

Building a following is also not just about building a Facebook page—the great thing about Facebook is that it is the easiest place to engage and interact with people quickly and cheaply. If you consistently provide value to your customers by giving them great free content on your Facebook page, you’ll quickly start building your tribe.

Question: My competitor has a product that is not even that great and they have thousands of Facebook Likes! We don’t even have one thousand. What am I doing wrong?

This is a great question that I get all the time, where we see somebody who has a fantastic product or an awesome service that they do really, really well, and their clients and customers love them, but they’re not getting the fans that they should have or deserve—and they look over to a competitor that has a really cheap product, but also happens to have done a really good job on Facebook marketing. So, they might have 10 or 100 or 1,000 times the number of fans.

You can use your authentic voice to build your own tribe on Facebook, and again, with my free techniques, show how much better your product and services are than your competitors’—because the raving fans that you’re going to create will drive viral marketing for you and create a fan-page magnet that will attract tens of thousands of fans. The easiest way is to get your raving fans to give you testimonials on your page and ask them to share the testimonials with their friends.

Question: I don’t have time for this. Can I outsource it?

Yes, you can—but it will be so much more efficient if you first learn how to do it yourself. After you learn how to create and manage your Facebook page, then, you can outsource it or hire a social media manager. No one knows your business like you do. No one knows your customers like you do.

I outsource some of the repetitive tasks to my team in India. I use a company called Samyak Online (Samyakonline.net.) The owner is Subhash Jain, who knows my photo album and article stack methods inside and out and can do the heavy lifting for $11 an hour. You can e-mail Subhash here: info@samyakonline.net or biz@samyakonline.net and tell them that Bret Gregory sent you.