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Chapter 4 – Naming A Page To Maximize Likes

by | Aug 29, 2016

It’s been said that “It’s all in the name.” One of the main ways people are going to find your company, brand, or product will be via a Google or Facebook search. Hence, having a page name that people can easily find, as well as relate to and love, can make all the difference.

Question: Why is it important to name my page well?

When you’ve got a great page name, you can massively increase your Likes faster and more cheaply. If you have the wrong name, you might end up with a small page forever. Having a great page name can increase the ‘Like-ability’ of your page by as much as 10 to 100 times! So choosing the right name is one of the most critical things you can possibly do.

With just a little upfront effort, you can achieve terrific results. Choosing the right name can help you grow your tribe on Facebook with targeted results and not just random Likes. Creating a “Like-able” Page Name

Picking the right name for your Facebook page can be one of the most difficult and challenging decisions that you make in your Facebook marketing. While it seems simple, this is a step that’s easy to get wrong.

Branding vs. Direct Marketing

Naming your page based on your company name, product, or your own name is branding. If you name your page a keyword that matches the benefit your customer is seeking, then you are direct marketing.

So which is right? Neither is wrong; neither is right. They are just different. Different types of businesses should name their page differently. Read on to find out why this is so important.

Branding can be more valuable, but it may be more expensive to (and can take longer to) build the number of Likes. The reason why is because it is often a lot easier to get Likes on a page named after a keyword like Yoga, or Costa Rica, than it is for a brand that is not yet a household name, like Bret Gregory, or Costaricawellness.com.

Let’s take a look at what branding looks like, versus what direct marketing looks like, on a Facebook page.

Branding 14,597 Likes

Direct Marketing 550,000 Likes

What can you see from these examples? Let’s point out a few key differences:

The above two Facebook pages are marketing the similar services: Costa Rica eco-tourism and sustainable travel. Costa Rica Traveler Magazine’s page is branding, because it uses the company name, the name of the magazine. And 14,600 Likes is not bad; however, I chose to use the direct-marketing method of naming my page. That’s how I came up with Costa Rica. My customers are interested in Costa Rica, not the name of my website (www.costaricawellness.com) or business (New Earth Costa Rica). My page has over 550,000 Likes, so my reach is many times larger than the magazine’s.

Who do you think gets more traffic to their website and sales for their business? Yep, you guessed it! Me. In fact, we did over $1.5 million in sales from leads generated off of this Facebook page!

Here are a few more examples of great direct-marketing page names:

My friend and superstar business coach, Callan Rush, owns a company called Wealth Through Workshops. Her multimillion-dollars-a-year business has a page with a combination direct-marketing and branding name.

This works great for her. However, if you are like me, an author, speaker, or coach, who plans write multiple books or develop multiple products, you may just want to name your page with your name, without the name of your business. This is because the name of your business(es) may change, and you’ll be stuck with that name on Facebook.)

My friend Drew Canole owns a multimillion-dollar company called FitLive.TV. He chose to name his page Juicing Vegetables, a direct-marketing name, and has accumulated over 1.2 million Likes!

So who should name their page with a direct-marketing name, and who should name their page with a branding name? This list below will tell you which category you should select. Also, there is nothing wrong with doing both at the same time if you have multiple businesses—you just need to expect different results, and be careful not to spread your marketing dollars and time too thin by creating a new page for every product you have.

Direct Marketing

Direct-to-consumer product or service (e.g., Wealth Through Workshops)

Category marketing (e.g., Juicing Vegetables, or Yoga)

List-building (e.g., Costa Rica)


Specific brand (e.g., Pure Start Cleanse)

Specific product (e.g., Yogasana, or Pure Start Cleanse)

Authors, public speakers, coaches, personal brand (e.g., Bret Gregory)

The ultimate formula for naming your page for Authors, Coaches and Public Speakers is to name your page with your name (branding) and use your Timeline cover for your direct-marketing message.

Branding with direct-marketing message in the Timeline cover: 255,000 Likes

The photo on your Timeline cover should be a representation of the emotional state your customers are seeking, and the words on your Timeline cover should be what your customers pay you for.

When I interviewed over 150 customers, I asked what they wanted. They mostly said they wanted more customers now. When I asked them why, what they ultimately said was they wanted more time, money, and freedom. When I asked, “What does that look like to you?” almost all said they would travel and live all over the world. Therefore, I chose a photo of me traveling to represent the emotional state my customers are seeking.

Since what my valued customers pay me for is to help get more Likes, leads, and customers, I chose the words “Attract Customers Now” for my direct-marketing message on my Timeline cover.

Let’s create your perfect Timeline cover. Right now, answer the following questions to create your perfect Timeline cover:

What do your customers pay you for? Use these words on your Timeline cover. Be sure to give concrete, specific results, like “Lose 30 pounds in 6 months the easy natural way” or “Attract your dream man and get him to propose to you this year.” Don’t use vague, abstract concepts like “Get peace of mind,” “Clear your relationship blocks,” “Learn to love yourself again.” The more specific the results the better you will get your message through to your customer.

What emotional state of being are your customers seeking? For example, getting un-stuck, feeling free, having more time with family, feeling full of energy, and free to live an active lifestyle, etc.

Choose a photo that represents the emotional state your customers are seeking. If you don’t know what that looks like, ask your customers to describe what it looks like to achieve their emotional state. If you don’t have customers, then by default, get a photo of yourself outdoors, preferably traveling, living the life of your dreams. This shows you “walk your talk” and will attract better customers.

Take the photo and words you’ve chosen to Fiverr and choose someone to design you a professional Timeline cover. (I recommend adin770 at http://www.fiverr.com/adin770/design-unique-facebook-cover-timeline.)

Alternatively, go to www.canva.com and create your own Timeline cover yourself for free. Word of caution: if you are not a professional designer, then spend the $5 on Fiverr to have a pro do it. It’s more than worth it!

Skip the Cutesy Stuff: Create a Memorable Name

If you are choosing a direct-marketing name, skip the catchy names and create names that:

promise a benefit, and that

people can remember (e.g., Wealth Through Workshops or Attract Customers Now)

One of the masters of advertising and marketing, David Ogilvy, wrote in his book, Ogilvy on Advertising, “People don’t think spending money is funny, so don’t try and give your business a funny or cute name.” Spending money is a serious subject to most people, so treat it that way.

When I was just getting started with my coaching business, I named my product “Facebook Marketing Zen” thinking that since my customers are enlightened entrepreneurs who understand what the word “Zen” means, they would love the name and come in droves to buy. However, that’s not what happened at all.

While I thought it was a cute and catchy name, it didn’t make any money at all because no one wanted to spend money to get Zen about their Facebook marketing, when what they really wanted was for customers to come to them!

After interviewing my customers daily, I kept hearing the same thing over and over. People were saying, “I hate marketing! I just want people to find me, so I can focus on doing what I love right now.” Hence the name-switch to “Attract Customers Now.” Since the name change my business went from $0.00 per month in sales to over $50,000 per month in sales!

So skip the cute or catchy names, and focus on the benefits your customer is seeking.

Keep It Short and Sweet

The best scenario for direct marketing is having a page name that consists of one word. Choose a name that is simple, easy to remember, and short. The simpler and shorter the name, the easier it is to find in a search.

Found in Google Organic Search

One of the great things about Facebook is that unique page names rank very high on Google searches. So if you are branding, and you name your page a name that no one else has, then it can shoot to the top of Google’s results very quickly. You could very quickly be #1 on Google simply by naming your page with your unique business name, product, or your own name.

Obviously, unique page names work can work very well when branding (e.g., Bret Gregory)—but not so much with direct marketing (e.g., yoga or Costa Rica).

Exercise: How do you pick a great name?

A great brainstorming exercise if you are trying to choose a direct-marketing name (or direct-marketing message for your Timeline cover) is to begin by looking at consistent problems and benefits that your customers search for. Find three of each. Then, look at solutions that you can offer to your customers. Doing this exercise will help you brainstorm several possible names (or marketing messages) for your Facebook page. Right now, take out a sheet of paper and write down the answers to the following questions:

What consistent problems or challenges are your customers looking to solve?

e.g., not enough money, overweight, single

List the top three benefits your customer is searching for right now.

e.g., make more sales, lose weight now, attract the relationship partner of their dreams

What solution(s) can you provide for your customers right now?

e.g., Attract Customers Now, Beautiful Body Now, Double Your Dating

The answers will help you brainstorm your direct-marketing message or your direct-marketing page name. Finally, it’s perfectly okay to have multiple pages where you are both branding and direct marketing at the same time if you have multiple businesses. Just keep in mind that if you have two pages, it may cost twice as much in time and advertising to manage them both.