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The 5 most powerful words in marketing EVER – (Please) “Don’t Keep Me a Secret!”

Do you know what the most powerful words in internet marketing are?

You might be thinking they have something to do with urgency….

Act now before it’s too late!

Or perhaps you’re thinking that they relate to the call to action…

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In reality, the 5 most powerful words in internet marketing are “Don’t Keep me a Secret!”


Because people listen to their friends.

Before a funny video could go viral in just a few minutes, before facebook and email and tweeting became our go-to methods for sharing, people TALKED.

It worked!

Word of mouth marketing has always been the most effective way to get the word out about any story, trend or opportunity, and your business is no different.


If you remember, Facebook is the largest word of mouth marketing platform in the world. Most business owners, however, make the mistake of treating Facebook like it’s Google and that doesn’t work. Nobody goes on FB searching for our products and services, but rather to see what their friends are up to.


If people see that their friends just registered for your live webinar, clicked the like button because they were excited, or they downloaded your free gift and then commented on how valuable it was, then you can easily get discovered by thousands or even millions of people. Social proof will help you dramatically increase the profitability of your FB ads.


Now, what we are doing here is running an ad like we have discussed before. This time, however, we are doing something extra. Most important is to get positive comments, especially in the form of mini-testimonials on the FB post itself. This is the exact formula that works every time.

In this ad we ran, we had lots of likes, but more importantly we had a bunch of comments. And they were relevant, positive comments that brought value.  People wrote things like, “I love the way Bret teaches us,” which is great for positioning.

I engaged each of these people and asked them what they wanted to get out of my next webinar. I asked them to comment on this post. And this led to over $200K in sales.


This is the trick! Get people to leave positive, mini-testimonial type comments on your posts! Many from well-known people! How are we doing this?


Important to understand: Happy customers stay with you longer…

How do you get people to share about their experience with you?

Simple formula:

Always deliver value FIRST.

You can get real, amazing customer testimonials every time if you simply ask. Just ask them!

Don’t pass up an opportunity for a testimonial.

Whenever you have a satisfied customer, ask for their feedback on Facebook.

I do not ask until I KNOW I have delivered value.

When talking with your next customer, deliver value first.

Then when that customer says “Thank you”, you say “You’re welcome. Please Don’t Keep Me A Secret. I’d love a testimonial if you don’t mind.”

Literally 100{1f66b0d6ce0a11e4cd58ff5465420e8dd2d95871f419a96084a01d4981a25874} of the time when I follow this formula, I have gotten good testimonials. I think it’s because I never ask until I am positive they have gotten good results.

You can simplify the testimonial request with the 2-Question Formula. Ask your client:

  1. What specific result did you get from working with me over what time period?
  2. What kind of person/business would you recommend my services/products to? (Not asking for a specific referral, just what type of person do you think this is best for?)

Be vigilant and on constant outlook for a testimonial opportunity.

People listen to people they trust!

Here are a few examples:




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