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Don't Let The Power Editor Scare You!


The power editor tool on Facebook has gotten a bit of a bad rep. People assume that since it’s an advanced tool, that it must be complicated. Not only is it simple to use, but it works beautifully to laser focus your campaign to the people you want to attract!

The power editor isn’t necessarily for “advanced” Facebook users, but rather it provides you with advanced options for your ad. Why not take advantage of that?

Let me walk you, step by step, through creating a Facebook ad using Power Editor. It’s fast, it’s easy and it works! Take a look.


With this step, we are simply driving traffic from FB to your landing page. Remember, don’t let the words “power editor” scare you. It’s just a FB tool, and one that can really help your campaign!

We are simply adding your link and picture to your post and when clicked it will redirect to your landing/ squeeze page.


First, put up your link to your free ebook gift and the ad image that was created for you.


It’s important to note that you must use Power Editor in Google Chrome.


Next, click on “Page Posts” and select the one you want to advertise. If you just recently did an ad, it will be the one at the top.


On the left side, there are 3 options. Scheduled, published and ads. Click on “Published Posts.” Check the box, click “actions,” and then on the dropdown, click “create ad.” It’s really that easy to get started.


Then it will take you to this page. Check the radio button that says “create new.” Leave the defaults buying type, “Auction.” Leave the default, “clicks to website.” Write a descriptor for your information. Choose an ad set. Then hit create.


You’ll be taken to this page next. On the left, FB organizes the ads. The arrow in the image above is pointing to the ads, where it shows that I have 911 ads.


When you are on the ads section, it will show the actual post in this case.


The “campaign” controls our objective (website clicks).

“Ad set” controls audience, placement and budget.

Ad controls images.


You will be creating a Website Clicks Ad.


The ad set is where you choose your audience. You can click on “already saved data” or create a new set of data specific to this campaign. Your call!



Choose your budget, $5 or more.


Select where you want your ad to be placed. If you don’t have an Instagram account, don’t use it. You don’t have to have an account to run a successful campaign and you want to keep things simple for yourself.


To choose the button for the ad set, you have some options. For an ebook, I use “learn more”. If it’s a template, I use “download”. If it’s a webinar I use “sign up” and for a video I use “watch more”.


Once you have selected everything, you are mostly done. Just click “upload changes.” It will show you a preview of what you want to upload. Hit “continue” and you will see the big checkmark showing you that your upload is complete. Now you are done!

Try creating an ad in Power Editor. It’s really the best way to drive traffic to your landing page. As always, if you get stuck, just comment below and ask your question. I’ll be checking in to walk you through it.  Go ahead and give it a shot!

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