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A Great Tool- If You Know How to Use it!

If you’ve been using Facebook as a business owner for a while now, you have heard of the boosted post. The boosted post allows you to increase the number of people who see what you post. Sounds great right? It certainly can be. The issue is that people end up wasting a lot of money because they use the boosted post to drive traffic to their site instead of using it for what it was built for—social proof. Let’s take a look.


We use a boosted post when we want to get likes, comments and shares for the purpose of increasing social proof. The boosted post used properly can make a substantially positive impact on your cost per click, cost per like and website opt in. Social proof is one of the best ways to generate a NEW set of fans and potential clients. This is what a boosted post is good for. It’s important to note, however, that this is ONLY for social proof. Remember the big mistake to avoid, and one that a lot of people do make, is that they include their web URL, words and pictures with the intention of driving traffic to their website after they boost the post. This does not work! Do not do this! Instead, only use this boost method for social proof.


Here’s proof of that. I boosted a post. We spent $10. It got 58 likes, 5 comments and 6 shares. That’s great! But no real traffic. Only 1 page like and only 1 link click. $10 per like? $10 per click? That’s TERRIBLE! But what I cared about was people clicking “like,” commenting and sharing. So it was cost effective for that.

If I want to drive traffic, I’ll spend $10 on a boosted post and then I’ll spend $90 on driving traffic a different way.


Try to boost a post for $10 so that you can get more likes, comments and share.


You do get some choices here for your audience; people who like your page, people who like your page and their friends, or people who you specifically target. Each one has a different reach. Because I only care about getting likes, comments, and shares, I’m going to choose the middle option as it will get the best measure of social proof.

So go ahead give it a shot! Boost a post to people who like your page and their friends. Spend just $10 and see what kind of return you get.

As always, let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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