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As much I love to talk about reasons you need to spend time on Facebook to find your ideal clients, let’s be honest- one of our main purposes of marketing on Facebook is to get people OFF of Facebook and onto our Website.

There’s a strategy here, however, and a lot of people mess it up and end up wasting time and money. A big mistake in this process that a lot of people make is that they put their home page URL on their Facebook page and then boost the post. That is totally ineffective for many reasons.

Even if they are doing everything else right, sending people to their home page just won’t work. Your home page is a terrible place to collect email addresses. Why? Because your home page is the hub for your entire site. There is a lot going on throughout a home page and that means that there are too many distractions from the one action you want people to take- leaving their email address!

My website gets great traffic, but even on ours, very few people sign up from our home page. The absolute worst thing you can do is to have a little box that says “sign up for my newsletter.” Nobody wants your newsletter! Think about it…do YOU want to sign up for someone’s newsletter? It’s a big risk because we don’t want to invite more junk into our inbox. You have to provide value if you want to get someone’s email address.

The best way to do this is with a squeeze page. This image is an example of a basic squeeze page. I recommend for this. Since I started using it, I’ve grown my list by over 35,000 email addresses. We have found it to work extremely well. A squeeze page is a page that allows them to only do one thing. They cannot click around on the website. They cannot get distracted by a great blog post. On a squeeze page there are only 2 choices…to click and download or to leave. Plenty of people will leave! But plenty will stay and sign up too.

On this squeeze page I want to show you specifically what worked well. We used our viral images to drive them to this page. We are following Facebook’s 20{1f66b0d6ce0a11e4cd58ff5465420e8dd2d95871f419a96084a01d4981a25874} or less of text on an image rule. The most important part though is that we are solving a problem that our customer has. They are having problems with GOOD FB ads. It can be a pain to create one and frustrating when you’ve spent the money and nobody clicks on it! So this is a solution to that problem. I am giving them a template they can use so that they can stop wasting time and money.

It’s a very simple template yet it works brilliantly for gathering email addresses. You cannot ask them to download just any old thing that has no value. It has to solve a specific problem.

Here’s how it’s done. Highlight and copy the URL of your squeeze page. Then go to your Facebook page and paste it on your Facebook page as though you were writing a post. When you do that, FB recognizes that there is a URL there. It will then link your images to the URL.

It may not always grab the right image from the website, so you can add the right one using the plus button at the bottom of the post. Write in any other text that you want and then hit publish.

You’ll then see your published post and people can like, comment, and share it. This is not an ad yet. In the next lesson I will show you how to boost your post.

For now, just go ahead and follow these steps to get your post created correctly on your FB page.

Remember- in this strategy your number one goal is to collect email addresses. A simple squeeze page is the way to go.

Get in touch if you have any questions and I’ll walk you through it.

About The Author: Bret Gregory

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