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The secrets of the most successful Facebook marketers? MINDSET!

It’s counterintuitive I know. In the sales and marketing industry it’s easy to fall prey to the belief that numbers and strategy are paramount to bottom line success. And they do matter of course. But step one is cultivating a winning mindset.

The picture above is my wife and I at our property in Costa Rica. I love this picture because it symbolizes what can happen when you combine mindset with action- freedom! This business allows us to work and live anywhere we want to.

This picture reminds me to recommit to a winning mindset every single day, even when it comes to running facebook ads!

This is me in front of Mount Kilimanjaro. This image is an analogy of what it takes to get profitable Facebook ads step by step. I hiked this in 2008. 8000 meters tall, highest point in Africa. Takes 5 days. Over 50 miles. I would walk for hours, in my own zone, and the higher I climbed, the tougher it was to keep going. I’d look up and it would seem that the mountain was not getting any closer. But I had a guide, and I was following a proven path. We had all of the proper team and tools to actually make it. So I trusted that if I kept going I would get there. And sure enough we did make it to the summit!

What I’ve discovered in doing FB ads, is that having the proper mindset is critical. A lot of times what you are doing will not seem to be working. But in fact, you are actually getting to the summit and learning what you are supposed to learn to get there.

Typically, I categorize all groups of people into 2 categories: People with fixed mindset and people with growth mindset.

Fixed people can’t get past obstacles. They are not able to problem solve. They give up and just can’t make it. I know that’s not you, because you are here. You have a growth mindset. It’s much much more than just positive thinking. A growth mindset is having the faith in knowing that if you simply persevere no matter what gets in your way, you will succeed. All of the best marketers and successful in business have this growth mindset. And I know you do too!

Mindset One: Provide Value

Facebook is the largest Word of Mouth Marketing platform in the world. But people are not using FB ads that way. They use them as if they are on Google- a solution to problem strategy.

Nobody goes on FB to find the solutions to their problems. They go to find out what their friends are up to.

If their friends are enrolled in a new course on FB ad marketing and those friends start posting about how excited they are about what they want to do…that can start the word of mouth marketing momentum. This is called discovery.

Mindset 2: Persevere

Ads are just 1 piece of the puzzle. You could have the best ad, best image, best copy, best CTA in the world or best gift in the world, but if its targeted to the wrong people it will not work. All of the pieces have to come together.

It’s not complicated. Break them down into steps.

Begin with your customer. Many people come to me and ask- what’s the best ad, best gift, etc.? I ask “Have you interviewed your customers yet? What’s their biggest problem that they will pay you for?” Survey is great, but have you SPOKEN to paying customers about it? Let’s start there. What is their biggest problem?

The most successful marketers talk to their customers daily, not text, FB etc, but actually speak on the phone or Skype to their customers daily. If you aren’t willing to speak with your customers, it simply won’t work. If you create what I call the marketing habit and engage and talk with your customers daily, you will rapidly outpace the competition, have great sales, increase your list, etc.

Profitable FB ads is about motivating your customers to click and to purchase your programs. How do you do that? How do you motivate them to pay you money?


The most powerful way to do that is to have a solution to the customers’ problems. If you can solve it, there’s a good chance they will pay you to do it. When it comes to FB ads, a lot of people want to run an ad that says “sign up for my webinar” “come to my telesummit” “buy my product”. It doesn’t say anything about how it will help them. You must position your ad in terms of how it will benefit them and solve their problem.


Get this in your head: 90{1f66b0d6ce0a11e4cd58ff5465420e8dd2d95871f419a96084a01d4981a25874} of my ads don’t work. The best marketers assume that we don’t know which ad or image will work. Which will work the best. Which won’t work at all. So instead of creating 1 ad, we create 10 ads. We persevere, we recommit, we test, we keep going.

You have to test. The good news is that FB makes this super easy. It is the easiest platform I’ve ever seen to test different images, audiences, etc. Frequently people will tell me that they tried my ad technique and it didn’t work. When they give me more info, I soon find out that they didn’t actually follow everything I told them to. They will say they did 1 ad not 10, spent $10. That’s a great first step, but you have to do 9 more! 1 ad will not build your list, fill your webinars, make lots of sales, etc. To find just ONE that works, you have to do at least 10.

You must create perceived value.

In order for someone to click on an ad, they must see that there is some value there. To get to the opt in page, there must be some perceived value there for them on a personal level. You cannot just request that they click, you have to MOVE them to click. They must look at it and say to themselves “Oh that is a solution to my problem!”

Making ads is easy and fun. This is a mindset thing! Making profitable, viral Facebook ads is easy and fun!

And I’m going to show you how right now.

Take out a pen and paper and work through these questions:

What is the part of your Facebook ad mindset that has held you back from success?

What Facebook ad and marketing mindset shift will make the biggest difference towards business success?

What will you do to consistently put this mindset into action to ensure you create business success?

For myself, I needed accountability in order to put this kind of mindset shift into action. I had to hire a coach. But you could get an accountability partner, make a public declaration, or something else that will motivate you and keep you on course.

Remember- Don’t ask for the opt in, but instead, provide something valuable that moves your target audience to opt in without any kind of request from you!

Stay enthusiastic.

The marketers who come out on top know that success is a 50/50 blend of mindset and strategy!

About The Author: Bret Gregory

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