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There’s a lot of talk about Facebook these days that has business owners up in arms.

Is the algorithm really making it impossible to reach your audience?

Is Zuckerberg really going to start charging for a Facebook account?

Are business owners actually wasting their time trying to market to potential customers if only a fraction of them are seeing the posts?

I’ve been using Facebook for marketing for a long time now and I’ve made a lot of money and a big impact doing it.

Here’s the truth- most of the panic is not warranted.

Sure. The landscape is changing. Everything is in a constant state of motion, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. But the tools and tactics for Facebook marketing that I have been teaching for years still work. They still make money, and they still reach thousands.


Because they are simple strategies based on common sense!

In a nutshell- here’s what you need to know: 1

My number 1 technique for getting more Facebook likes- the photo stack. Add viral photos to the SAME album. (I like adding 9 new photos a day). This technique got us over 250,000 likes on this page. From 3 cents to 15 cents per like. This page creates about $40,000 to $50,000 per month in recurring coaching revenue.


Social proof ad process. Partner with like-minded folks who share your vision and who understand the power of partnership.


Follow this simple infographic to learn the exact process that we use to create gorgeous ads that pop and drive traffic.


Focus on cost-effective list growth- In this screenshot (above) you can see we got over 3000 people contacting us, at a cost of $1.45 in ads per contact. But more importantly… that ad turned into over $149, 808 in sales (slide below) from customers that we met on Facebook.



These are the kinds of ads that get high conversions- Viral ads and Social proof ads.


We grew one of the largest Costa Rica Facebook pages in the world. Over 564K likes. And the purpose of this page is because I am developing a $41M wellness community in Costa Rica. In 2009, in the midst of the real estate crisis, we did over $1.5M in sales from people we met through THIS Facebook page. The exact principles we used to build this page still apply!

We are talking about Word of Mouth Marketing here.


In the screenshot above, you can see how an ad we did with Alicia Dunams created a number of comments, some of which were from people who became paying customers.

The bottom line:

  • What is the one big thing you want to advertise? Write this down. Focus on this one thing, that will make you money. Don’t focus on a bunch of other stuff that won’t make you money right now.
    What program/product/service do your customers love the most? Which do they talk about the most? This is the most viral one.
  • Who can you add value to and ask for a testimonial from? If you don’t have customers yet, maybe there is something that you have been doing for free for your friends. What customer or perspective customer can you add value to that will provide you with a testimonial afterwards?
  • Post the URL you want to promote on your Facebook page. This is how you will drive traffic.
  • Then ask your happy customer, clients and friends to make positive comments on that post.

It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter what you’re reading on the business blogs. Don’t believe the hype. Facebook marketing is still a multi-million-dollar marketing platform. Put your money where the proof is!

About The Author: Bret Gregory

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