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Attract More Customers with Your Facebook Timeline Cover

A big mistake that I see most entrepreneurs make when marketing on Facebook is their business Facebook page doesn’t clearly say what they do. When this happens, it’s very hard for your customers to look at your Facebook page and figure out what product or service you’re offering.


I’ve discovered an ideal formula for your timeline cover to solve this problem. The ideal formula goes like this…


Your Ideal Facebook Timeline Cover


The words on your Facebook timeline cover should be the words that people pay you for.


For example, on my page people pay me to help them get likes, leads, and customers. So the words on my timeline cover say “Attract Customers Now.” That’s what people pay me for.


The photo you use for your cover needs to be a representation of the emotional state that your customers are seeking.


In my case, entrepreneurs want more time, money, and freedom. So the photo is a photo of me traveling. In fact, it’s a photo of me overlooking the ocean in Santorini in Greece. In order for me to be standing there, I have to have time, money, and freedom.


What I recommend for entrepreneurs, coaches, service practitioners, and holistic health practitioners is to remember that most of your customers are, in some way, shape, or form, seeking freedom.


Facebook Timeline Cover Mistakes


The mistake I see a lot of people make when they write on their timeline cover is they say things like:


“I sell freedom!”
“I sell happiness!”
“I help you get unstuck…”


The problem is people don’t pay for that. What they pay for is coaching to help them make more money, or they pay for assistance with weight loss, and so forth. So the words you use should reflect that.


How to Get Your Cover Made, Cheap!


The way that I get this done is though for only $5. I use a particular person that has 98% rating, and for simply $5 you can get this person to make a professional timeline cover for you.


attract customers using fiverr

You’ll need to provide him with a photograph and the words or phrase you want to use, and he’ll make a really nice looking timeline cover for you. Here are some examples of my timeline covers and what they look like.


facebook timeline coverfacebook timeline cover more examples

 A Bad Timeline Cover


I’ll give you an example of a bad timeline cover photo that I used to use. My timeline cover used to say “Facebook Marketing Zen” and it was a photo of people doing yoga. I thought that was really clever and cute, but the problem was that nobody understood what it meant. Nobody was interested in paying for Facebook Marketing Zen.


I thought because my customers are enlightened entrepreneurs and they’re conscious entrepreneurs that they would understand what it meant. But they didn’t understand it at all. Thus, I made zero sales when I was marketing under the cutesy name “Facebook Marketing Zen.”


As soon as I changed the name to “Attract Customers Now” and I changed my timeline cover, people immediately understood what I did. They understood that I help them solve the particular problem of not having enough customers–and that’s what people were willing to pay for.


When we did that, we went from zero dollars per month in sales to $8,000 per month in just 45 days. Now, there’s certainly more to the story than just the timeline cover, but the timeline cover was an important component.


Get More…


If you found this super helpful and you want to find out more, I recommend that you come to my free live class. It’s happening every Tuesday and you can register for it by clicking here:

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