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Facebook is the largest word of mouth marketing network in the world, but people are not using it that way.  A lot of people are using Facebook the way you should use Google. What I mean by that is that when somebody goes on Google, they’re actually searching for you or your product or your service.  That’s not what’s happening on Facebook.

No one logs into Facebook to look for our products and services.  They log into Facebook to see what their friends are up to.  Now if what their friends are up to is registering for your next free live event or downloading your free report, or they just attended a free webinar that you gave and they’re raving about how much value you gave them for free, then you can easily get discovered by thousands, if not millions of people.

How to Get Discovered on Facebook

The way to get discovered on Facebook is to offer a lot of value for free to your customers. A great approach that I recommend to almost all coaches, authors, speakers, and solo entrepreneurs is to offer a free one-on-one consultation to your customers in your area of expertise.

Then when they accept, you give them a free one-on-one consultation that could be over the phone or on a Skype call. And at the end of your free consultation, you want to deliver a lot of value for free, as you promised.

Then, you wait to hear the magic words out of your customer’s mouth, which are, thank you.

This is them acknowledging the value that you’ve provided. And with that I always repeat the five most valuable words I’ve ever heard in marketing. And those fives words are, don’t keep me a secret.

So when somebody says “Thank you,” I reply, “You’re welcome.  Please don’t keep me a secret. Would you mind writing two sentences on my Facebook page on the value you just got out of our free consultation?”  I’ve literally never had anybody say no to that. So right then and there, I ask them to go onto their computer, go right to my Facebook page, and write a post on my Facebook page about the value that I just provided them.

When they do that, some of their friends are going to see it.  You can then turn that post into an ad and you can get more of their friends to see it as well.

Discovery in Action

My friend Christine Kloser asked me to come on and be interviewed on her transformational author experience.  We posted the interview on her Facebook page, also called transformational author experience, and then advertised it as well as emailed to people who were listening.

The result was I got 2,300 new email addresses and I was discovered by close to 18,000 new people who had registered for the transformational author experience.  Those people heard of me through the telesummit and then found me on Facebook. Over 2,300 people came to my website and registered with their email addresses, which led to, in just one week, over $10,000 in new customers.

That’s an example of discovery. Take a look at this series of screenshots, which also tell the story…

find customers using facebookfind customers using facebook 2find customers using facebook 3find customers using facebook 4find customers using facebook 5find customers using facebook 6

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