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One thing I’ll say for Facebook? They never rest! Facebook has done a great job of constantly updating its options to meet the various needs and budgets of its advertisers.

You have many options for Facebook ads depending on your end goal, and the powers that be have done their best to make each option user-friendly.

Let’s take a look at a few of the choices you have to optimize your business and conversions.


First, when you get into your FB ads manager, let’s look at how the ads are organized. FB did a nice job of this. The campaign is at the top, then within that you have ad sets, and then ads within those. Each has their own pieces. This is where you will choose your objectives.


Boosted posts are great. They look like the image below. This is good only for getting likes, comments and shares, but won’t do much for you in terms of driving traffic to your website.



Here is an example of boosted posts. 16 photo clicks (no traffic), 1 page click, 1 page like, 58 post likes. If your goal is to get likes comments and shares, then this is perfect. The biggest mistake I see is that people will put a picture, text and link and then boost post and think that people will follow through to their website…but they do not. It’s really critical to understand not to do this for website traffic. Only spend about $5 or $10 on any boosted post. Maybe $30 if it’s a really big launch.


Promote your Page ad. Spend a small amount of money on this. $5 or $10 per day. This promotes your page. It’s called a Page Likes Campaign. This is good for social proof, but this does not equal customers! 500,000 people like our page, and 500 or so of those have bought my services. So about 98% do NOT become customers. That can be a huge amount of money though, depending upon your business! Wide beginning of the funnel for a very narrow end.


I spend the majority of ad money on driving people to our website. 95% of our money goes to driving traffic to the site.


There are so many different types of ads—page likes campaigns, clicks to website, page post engagement strategies and several more—that you are virtually guaranteed to find the formula that works for you if, that is, you are committed to having fun with testing!

Give it a shot! Let me know what works best for you.

About The Author: Bret Gregory

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