How To Use The Simple Three Step Viral Post Formula To Boost Fan Engagement By 10X to 100X


Is your Facebook fan page engagement non-existent?

I used to have such a hard time getting anybody to “Like” my Facebook page posts. My fan engagement was non-existent. After a huge amount of trial and error I stumbled on way to massively boost my posts on my page by adding a description to each photo. What’s critical is that it’s the RIGHT text that makes the difference, not just adding text.

  • I found that adding a positive quote from a famous person can make the post get 10X to 100X the “Likes”.
  • I tested dozens of photos with and without the quote
  • I found that the posts with the positive quotes went 10X-100X more viral. Then I found an article form a Wharton professor of marketing, Kathleen Milkman. She wrote about WHY the posts go more viral: 

positive valence + high emotional charge = most viral. 

The correlation to most viral and high emotional charge is called the Integral Affect. The easiest way you can take advantage of this right now is with simple "Three-Step Viral Post Formula."
  • Tag your page
  • Add the positive famous quote
  • Add your web URL at the bottom