How To Grow Your Business With Social Proof



You’re here because you want to attract more customers for your business now, right?

So let me share with you how I used social proof on Facebook to build instant credibility, instant trust and generated the type of targeted traffic that led to sales.Using the exact same methods that I’m showing you in these videos, as well as in the trainings I offer, I was able to build my Facebook page “Costa Rica Wellness” to 200,000 likes in under 12 months. We only spent about $4,000 in Facebook ads to get all those likes too, That’s about $.02 per like. From there, we drove targeted traffic to our website ( and we got 2,400 email opt ins. Those email opt-ins translated into 20 people flying down to Costa Rica to look at purchasing into our community, and as a result, we did $1.5 million in sales from 6 customers! I attribute that success to the social proof we were able to build and the instant creditability and authority that comes with it. The above video gives you a deeper understanding of what social proof is and the potential of a social network. Social network potential represents both the size of an individual’s social network and their ability to influence that network. Not all likes are created equal. Some people have much larger social networks. While we can’t all be like Ashton Kutcher with 13 million likes, the larger the reach of your page, the larger your social network potential. The more responsive your business Facebook page gets, the more influence you have on your network and the larger your social network potential becomes. This makes it extremely cost-effective to re-market to your Facebook fans and turn them into paying customers. This is good news for authors, speakers, teachers, coaches and entrepreneurs. If you can get your fans to be very responsive to your posts, you have more influence over them, you can drive more of them to your website and convert them into customers.

This all starts with social proof.

Social proof is a real psychological phenomenon that has been thoroughly studied. If you look up the definition in Wikipedia, it says that social proof causes people to converge quickly upon a single choice. It means that when someone sees other people in the crowd doing something, they are likely to want to do it too. We look to the crowd because we believe the crowd is perceived as being correct or especially knowledgeable. This is called the “herd mentality”. Historical experiments prove the phenomenon. The famous psychologist, Simon Asch did experiments to determine in the 1960’s to determine whether individual test subjects would be swayed by the group’s opinion. Social proof is so powerful that people would make decisions they knew weren’t correct because everyone else was making that decision. We can use the concept of social proof—not to trick anyone, mind you—but to demonstrate to your potential customers that your business, your products and your services deliver value to the marketplace. You display that through your Facebook posts. A perfect example of this is the incredible psychological proof of the Facebook “Like” counter. The more likes, comments, shares and tags your content gets, the more social proof you will have.

The more social proof you have, the more likes your content will get and the more your content will spread virally creating exponential growth.