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My Favorite “Secret” Facebook Hack!

I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you’re a visionary entrepreneur who sees the potential in social media advertising.

My question to you is this— Are you ready to take your vision global?

The truth is, most of us tend to keep our strategies close to home. However, there are eager buyers all over the world and Facebook allows you to easily find them.

It’s possible you are missing out on clients in dozens of different countries! That’s a lot of money to leave on the table.

I want to share you with the GLOBAL Ad Secret that will help you reach potential ideal clients on just about every continent.

Here’s the bottom line:


The Global Ad Secret is a proven way to both lower your cost per like by 10X or more and to attract targeted global customers.

This is the exact strategy we used to build our Costa Rica FB page to over 500K likes. Check it out at This page contributed to $1.5Million in sales to our super eco-friendly wellness community in Costa Rica. We are currently using it to help attract $41 Million in investments to build that wellness community.


On this page,, we used the Global Ad Secret to build our audience to 1.3 million likes. We own 164 acres for a planned wellness community in Costa Rica. I moved my family down there, as my wife was teaching Yoga, and we were using this to attract more people to our community. The community is not yet built, but we still use this page to drive traffic to other Yoga instructors in Costa Rica who want to fill Yoga Retreats. We do $4,000-8,000 a month in commissions from this page.



And of course, there is my Facebook page. I often show people those first 2 pages and they want to know how to do it for THEIR Facebook page. This page is Bret Gregory and we have built 253,000 REAL FB likes using the Global Ad Secrets at around $0.15 per like. You can do this too even if your FB page is “just” your name.


What you are about to learn will work for you even if you don’t have tons of fans yet or a big email list.

What you are going to use is cost-effective social proof. All of these likes are REAL! This is NOT about using click farms or buying fake likes. That’s dangerous and can get you kicked off of Facebook! This process works through targeted advertising to real people who could actually buy your stuff. They just happen to live all over the world!


This is an example of an ad we did. We used the pattern interrupt method with this cat doing yoga. I wrote very little text, leading only with “Like if you love customers”. You can have the word “Like” in there, but it’s not required. What does a cat have to do with my business page? Nothing! It just happens to be a viral photo that worked really well. I put together 6 different images on 1 ad and this was the best performer. $147 got us 862 page likes. All of these “likes” were real people who were genuinely interested in Facebook marketing, entrepreneurship and growing or starting their business. Real people!


One of the things I discovered while I was going through this process was that people in other countries would want to hire us as a coach and buy our information products. We started to advertise all over the world. Low and behold we started building our email list from lots of people in Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and beyond. People started buying our programs from all over the map. I never would have thought in a million years that people from all over the world would be interested in buying my programs. I was super shocked, and thrilled! Remember, you have value that people from all over the world are willing to pay for and you CAN attract buyers from anywhere!

So what you are seeing here is a list of countries Per Capita Gross Domestic Product. You can get this on Google. This image is from 2012, so it may not be the same today, but this is an example of what you can find on Google. GDP indicates which countries are the richest in the world. On average, a person in one of these countries makes per year the amount listed on this report. I’m not saying that you will get customers from any one of these countries, only that you need to keep an open mind that people from these countries MIGHT purchase your programs! You could get a raving fan base of genuine followers if you do this right and quickly build your world-wide following.


Go to your ads manager and click on Promote Your Page for a Page Likes Campaign. Choose a page on the lower corner and then click “set audience and budget.”


Now you are going to set your countries.


On the lower right side, it shows you the potential reach. 158 Million people is WAY too broad, so you need to narrow it down.


Limit your age range, language and interests.


It defaults to exclude people who already like your page, which is great as you do not want to pay for people who already like your page to see the ad.


Now you have to set your budget. I suggest budgeting $5 a day or more. I pretty much always use $5 – $10 per day. However, if we are ramping up to a big launch we may increase that spend to $100 or more per day.


Name your ad set.


Now you can use your viral images or you can use some of the Shutterstock images that come with Facebook if you are struggling to choose.


Remember to use your short pattern interrupt method and use just a couple of words. There is no need to fill up the space!


Now you can choose the type of ad. I usually leave it set to “all.” Facebook will determine which ones will be the best performers.


You can see here that you have 1 ad with 6 images. If you set it to $5 a day, that will not be $5 times 6, it will be strictly $5 per day total. Facebook will run the ads and then you can see which ones are the best performers.


As you can see, some of these did better than others. The archer at the top did the best with the lowest cost per ad at $0.12 cents per like for 931 likes. Compare that to the ad on the bottom that got 3 likes at a cost of $0.35 per like. The archer image is the winner!



48 hours later I checked to see which ads did well.  I turned off the losers and let the best ones run.

Now go and create your own Facebook like ads right now using the Global Ads Secret.

There is a worldwide audience waiting for the chance to buy from you!

Let me know how it goes.

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