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The Secret to 10x More Engagement on Facebook

When you’re trying to get customers to come to your website from Facebook, a very simple way to do that is to create a Facebook ad. This can be simply to get people to your landing page, to invite them to register for a live event, to have them sign up for your free download, or to draw them to your free giveaway.


In any of these cases, you’re going to want to post the link on your Facebook page and then turn that into an ad.


Start with a Status Update


Posting a status update is the first step here.


First, you take the web URL link that you want them to visit and you simply copy and paste that link into your Facebook page status update. Along with this, type in any supporting content or text that describes the link, the event, the giveaway, and what have you.


You should also upload a custom image if the image that populates automatically with the link isn’t the image you want in your ad. Having the right custom image is very important.


Turning the Status Post into an Ad


If you don’t know how to turn the status update into an ad, check out this post about creating viral Facebook ads.

Now, for a couple of tips to make your ad as effective and as valuable as it can possibly be, for the least cost:

  • You can make your ad much more cost effective by using likes, comments and shares as social proof.
  • Make sure you include marketing copy as part of the content/text.


more engagement on facebook

  • I ask each of the customers that I speak with, whether they purchase my product or not, to give some feedback on one of my Facebook posts. Others who see the comments on the page will feel more comfortable signing up if they see their friends and a lot of other people commenting and liking the post. This gives social proof a massive boost.
  • Improve the results by continuing to use social proof on your landing page. For example, you can put a Facebook comments code on your landing page or your registration page (where you’re driving traffic to) so that anyone who leaves you a comment on the Facebook post also leaves a comment on the landing/registration page.

more engagement on facebook 2


Results of a Facebook Ad


1) You will most likely get several likes, comments, and shares. This helps provide social proof, as mentioned above, which gets more and more people to click on the link.
2) The ad can be seen by lots of targeted people, depending on the settings you choose for the ad. In other words, you advertise to the right kind of people—those who have the best chance of becoming your customers.
3) The ad will have much further reach than a normal post, thus you will get far more clicks and more engagement.


Get More!


If you want to learn more about this specific process, I invite you to register for the free course, Facebook Marketing for Newbies. It would also benefit you to sign up for a one-on-one Laser Coaching package with me.

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