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Remember…you’re in the business of solving problems.  So, right now, you’re going to create your customer’s problem statement.

The first question to ask yourself is what is your most lucrative customer’s number one problem? A lot of people pick their average customer when they are doing the customer avatar exercises.  But I don’t want you to pick your average customer.  I want you to pick your most profitable customer.

What’s their number one frustration?  What is their number one fear?  A lot of times these things are hard for people to articulate.  They think, “Well I don’t know.  I don’t really do fear.”

BUT everyone does fear.

customer problemFor some of our most lucrative customers, the number one problem is not having enough consistent income.  So maybe I have a lot of income, but it goes through peaks and valleys. You can access the underlying fear of this issue and get to the problem statement by, again, asking those two straightforward questions.

Question #1: What’s your number one frustration?
Question #2: “What is your number one fear?

With these, you’re going to create the problem statement, and this is what you solve.

Here’s a great example of a problem statement:  I’m sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I’m also sick and tired of not having the abundance that I should have at this stage of my life to provide for my family.

Now, how can you solve this for your customer?

Check out the video for more insight on creating your customer’s problem statement and then take three minutes to answer these questions for yourself.

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