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When we’re creating our marketing, we’re creating our marketing just for our customer avatar.

When you can put your customers’ problem statement smack there on the top of your website or in the email subject line or in the headline of the advertisement, you want to create that marketing and again — whether it’s an email or a headline.

Marketing Just for Your Perfect Customer

If it’s an email you want to write the email as if they are a close, personal, trusted friend.

Find out more on how to create your marketing just for your perfect customer in the video above.

In this next video below (Part 2 of How to Create Your Marketing Just for Your Perfect Customer), we’ll look at how and why the company name “Attract Customers Now” works.

Continuing our look at creating your marketing just for your perfect customer, in this video we see how the business name “Attract Customers Now” is a great example of creating your marketing materials for your perfect customer avatar.

When I had originally started out, my Facebook marketing business was called “Double Your Likes in Days”. That was not bad in 2009 and 2010 because people were just so focused on likes. It didn’t take long for people to figure out that likes don’t make you money. Likes are just social proof. It’s just one part of the equation, but likes do not equal customers.

Then, because I had a lot of likes from yoga and spiritual entrepreneurs, I decided to change the name to “Facebook Marketing Zen”. That’s really cute.

Guess what didn’t make any money? “Facebook Marketing Zen” Why? Because nobody knew really what it meant.

I was thinking “Oh yeah, Zen. My customers know what Zen is and they like Zen, and that sort of stuff.” Nobody cared. Nobody cared at all and what I figured out is after interviewing person after person after person, people were saying the same thing.

“You know I actually hate Facebook and I hate Facebook marketing. What I really wish is that my customers would just get in a nice neat line. Come to me and hand out their credit card. Actually, I want them to do it on my website. I just want to focus on helping my customers and just get this marketing stuff out of the way.”

It took about 30 people saying very, very similar things before I said, “Attract Customers – when? The answer is now. Attract Customers Now from Facebook.” That’s when I created that. It just so happened the URL was available so I picked it up.

Marketing Just for Your Perfect CustomerNow, Attract Customers Now, get likes, leads and customers from Facebook. That’s the part that people pay for. What is the problem solved? Not enough customers. What is the pain? Not enough money, not enough consistent income.

Once you get that stuff, you’ll get more likes, leads, and customers so that you achieve the emotional state that you will be in when you have more time, money, and freedom.

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