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Being the recognized authority in your niche affords you instant trust and credibility with people who have never met you before.  That can really help you convert browsers into fans and fans into customers easily and quickly.

I’ve got a top-secret technique that I’ve used to gain authority. It’s one of the things that helped me get a million likes on Facebook.

How I Discovered this Top Secret Technique

I tripped over this technique by accident when I was setting up my blog—we had no sales and I couldn’t afford a developer, so I was doing it myself on WordPress.  I didn’t know how most developers put in the Facebook like button.  Instead of putting one like button on every single blog, I accidentally installed just one Facebook like button at the very top.

I accidentally created an article stack.  What happens with most blogs is that people’s developers install one Facebook like button for every single post. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that except that if you don’t have a huge amount of traffic to your blog, all of your blog posts are going to have zero to very few likes. That’s social proof working against you.

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How the Article Stack Technique Works

One way to avoid negative social proof is by using the article stack technique.  While you can leave your individual likes counter on each post, I just recommend that you do one additional thing: install one like button counter at the top of your blog.

For example, my blog on my current website is AttractCustomersNow/blog. There’s one like button counter code associated with that page. That has now accumulated over 5,000 likes.

When people visit my blog, they see that I have 5,000 likes. Naturally assume that I’m the authority in my niche because that is very, very hard to do. However, what they don’t know is that those likes have been accumulated over time through visitors coming to this one URL to see all of my blogs.

Another great example is my blog  We’ve been doing this one since 2010 and we’ve accumulated over 150,000 likes at the top of our blog feed.  That makes us the undisputed recognized authority in Costa Rica yoga retreats in the world, which allows us to make more sales. This is because when people see that, they instantly trust us and know that we’re the place to go for information on Costa Rica yoga retreats.

Four Steps To Creating Your Own Article Stack

1. Turn your existing blog into an article stack or create a new blog page using this URL:

2. Copy and paste your URL in the “URL to like” space on Facebook developer’s example: I would paste here. NOT each individual blog.

3. Use that code at the very top of your blog.

4. Each time you post a new blog you can still drive traffic from Facebook to the same link but people will see your most recent blog so it will get new likes.

More Help with Article Stacking

If you want us to walk you through exactly how to do this, we can certainly do that! All you have to do is come join us at an Attract Customers Now workshop. We do a live class every Tuesday at 5:00pm PST, through this link:

About The Author: Bret Gregory

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