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The state of click-through costs is changing with regard to Facebook posts. The costs are going up. For small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs, social media was once a free marketing tool. But with EdgeRank drastically reducing organic post views, it’s becoming more and more important to figure out strategies that will maximize your click-through costs.

I’ve discovered a way to get 10 times cheaper click-throughs. What’s the secret? You have to use the right photo. I’m going to share the details of this innovative strategy with you right now.

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How to Combat the Cost of Facebook Ads

On Facebook, we’ve seen the cost of ads going up. The people who have the most effective Facebook ads, those who are making a profit, are using social ad strategies. They’re advertising testimonials, for example.  They’re advertising to friends of people who have just recommended their product or service, and they’re using ads that demonstrate social proof.

So what’s a great way to improve even further on social proof and testimonial advertising, so you get a better click-through cost so that you might even go viral?

Getting the right photo can make your click-through rate 10 times to 100 times less expensive.  The way to find the right photo is to start with a technique called the photo album stack.

The photo album stack is when you post 9 photos at a time into one album on your Facebook page to find which photos your fans and customers like the best.  The photo that gets the most likes has a good chance of being your best performing photo in an ad.

The Science Behind the Photo

So what happens once you determine the right photo?

I do this again and again and again. I gather my top 15 all-time most viral photos from my Facebook page.

From there, there’s a whole science behind picking the right photo. Professor Cathleen Milkman of Wharton School of Business has largely developed this science from a study she conducted.  I’ll be sharing that science with you in next week’s post, so be sure to tune back in!

If you can’t wait until then and you want to start improving your click-through rate today, I have my system on how to find the right photos in this free training.

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