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Testimonial marketing is something I’ve been using for 20 years. I’ve found it to be the single most effective way for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get new customers.

Also, because Facebook is the largest word of mouth network in the world, you can highly leverage this social media platform in combination with customer testimonials to get new customers.

I’m going to show you how to use this technique to grow your business.

How to Get Customer Testimonials

The way that we do this is very simple.  We always lead with delivering value.  I would simply never ask for a customer testimonial without first trying to deliver value or ensuring that I do deliver value to a customer.  I’m always looking for the magic words from the customer to know that it’s okay to ask for a testimonial.

The magic words are a very simple thank you.  When a customer says thank you, it’s usually because I’ve delivered them some value and I have a very typical response to these magic words.  The response is you’re welcome.  Please don’t keep us a secret.  If you like this work that we’ve done, can I get a testimonial from you?

When I ask for testimonials that way, I get them 100% of the time.  We’ve gotten 65 testimonials on our most recent testimonial campaign and I’ve asked 65 times.

What the Testimonials Should Say

The content of my testimonials consists of three questions. I ask the customer each question in conversation style, and then write down the answers myself. This makes it so the customer has to put forth very little effort.  The questions are:

Question 1:  What results were you getting before you discovered my service?
Question 2:  What results have we been able to achieve for you and in what timeframe?
Question 3:  Who would you recommend my product or service to?

The testimonials I get are almost always about one paragraph.  We keep them nice and short, but I take notes with the answers that the people give me and I’m careful not to put words in their mouth.

testimonials for major business growth

How to Get the Testimonials Live on the Web

When we’re done with the paragraph, I’ll send it to the customer directly through a Facebook message or as an email. I ask them if they would copy and paste it onto my Facebook page or onto my testimonial application called Real Fan Reviews.

Again, since they’ve already agreed to give me the testimonial and I’ve made it so easy for them by dictating their own words, all I do is send the paragraph testimonial to them. Then I ask them to copy and paste it on my Real Fan Reviews application on my Facebook page.

The customer goes to the page, where it says write a review, and simply paste in their review. They mark the amount of stars they see fit, which is almost always five stars, and then they click submit review.

As for the application, Real Fan Reviews, I really legitimately recommend it.  It’s normally $67 per month, but my link with a discount code brings it down to $47 a month.

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