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Entrepreneurs are always looking for better ways to win and better ways to succeed. Creating a customer magnet fan page blueprint is a great, viable way to do this from Facebook. It’s something that I do myself and something that I highly recommend to my customers. I’m going to tell you exactly how.

What Not to Do When Starting Out

First, let’s start off with what not to do. One of the biggest mistakes that most entrepreneurs make is when they setup their website, they might just look at someone else’s website that had a lot of success and try to copy it. Or, they go to a template that they like and try to create it.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. But the way to really gain a lot of leverage and win beforehand is to first think like your customers.


How to Create the Blueprint

I advise you take a blank sheet of paper and map out your optimal customer flow experience by creating a flowchart.

The way I do it is, on the left hand side, I draw boxes of where my customer would find me from Facebook. The first box might be my Facebook page photo album stack and the next one might be my Facebook photo of the day, photo contest or article stack.

Next, on the right hand side of that same piece of paper, I would write my website in and start at the top of home page; my blog, a squeeze page and a sales page. I then figure out what is going to be the very best experience for my customer.


I use that to then figure out how to design my website by handing off the very simple hand drawn flow chart to my graphics designer. My graphic designer uses this to create a fancier blueprint version, which is going to turn into my website.

Now that the customer has found you from Facebook, step two is to take those flowcharts and figure out how to get the customer from my website to my sales page, all the way through the sequence.


So how do we now take that one step further to really help us deliver on that win?

You’ve got to think like a customer. From the customer’s perspective, what kind of emails would you want to receive as valuable reminders to help you get back to the person’s or entrepreneur’s website?

The same way we did a flowchart how people get to my website, we want to also do a flowchart for an email autoresponder sequence. I believe when you can see it by drawing it out visually, it really helps you figure out what kind of value your customer is looking for and how you deliver it most effectively.

emailresponderThe next step after this would be to essentially repeat the process again for your sales funnel sequence. Always trying to think like a customer—what would I most want as a customer? What would I value most as a customer for my optimal flow experience?

Simplify the Sequence

Before I made a very simple sales funnel, it was anything but simple. You really had to hunt around on my website to find where to buy my products. As the entrepreneur who set this up, it was always obvious to me, but the problem is it doesn’t matter. I’m not the customer. It only matters if the customers can easily and naturally figure out how to get through your sales funnel. But I had made it very difficult for my customers to figure out what I was selling and where to buy it.

So I took the time to draw out what would be my optimal customer flow experience. Prior to realizing this and putting it into practice, I was only getting about 1% conversions from people visiting to people giving me their email address, even fewer still in terms of sales.

win before you start

But once I mapped it out and was able to see where the problems were, where the bottlenecks were, and remove them from my sequence, I made the sequence far simpler. I went from somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 steps all the way down to three steps (Homepage, sales page, thank you page to make it really easy for customers to make it all the way through). We went from 1% conversions to 11% conversions in about one week just from doing this.

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